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11Alive WXIA TV is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android.

• Access to station content specifically for our mobile users
• 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available
• Future radar to see where severe weather is headed
• High resolution satellite cloud imagery
• Current weather updated multiple times per hour
• Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models
• Ability to add and save your favorite locations
• A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
• Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service
• Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe in severe weather

Category : Weather

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Reviews (30)

LT. Apr 16, 2022     

The storm tracker icons quit working. They show up on the radar but I can no longer press to open up a window for further information for any given icon.

Rob. G. Feb 5, 2020     

Nice app but it bombards you with meanigless notifications and you can't turn them off. I can look out the window and know it's cloudy. I don't need an app telling me that.

Ric. H. Aug 9, 2020     

The Android version is bright orange for no apparent reason. It shows storms coming when there are none in the forecast. The iOS version is so much better.

Joh. H. Jun 9, 2019     

This radar map is garbage. Why does it change to a 10 yr old map when it's zoomed up? I'm sure you can do better than this. But yet you say you're"proud"of this?

MOT. M. May 19, 2021     

It will work for a few weeks then it will freeze and I cant check anything I have to Uninstall it the reinstall it for it to start working again

Max. L. Jun 20, 2019     

I have had the 11alive app since 2014 and i love it. I get the weather alerts and all breaking news.

Laz. C. Jan 19, 2020     

Not trust worthy. 1 minute 6 days of sun...next minute 2 days of sun...one more minute partly cloudy. Very unreliable.

Mic. C. Jun 22, 2019     

The app is great,it is accurate an on time. Mr Chelsey is the greatest.

Mob. m. Feb 23, 2022     

This app i so good i recommend everyone use it

Ker. H. Mar 29, 2020     

The Atliens diversiteam we all can relate to, trust and get welcomed to join! Guy Sharp raised and Chesley proud Atlanta knows the best in view 11 Alive proves its news to use.

C. H. Jun 18, 2020     

I say 4/5 stars bc it is associated with The Weather Channel which is known for supporting Trump and not acknowledging or even talking about climate change.

Jad. M. Jan 15, 2022     

Love this app 💓

Har. G. May 4, 2021     

Love the radar and warnings

Ann. D. Jul 9, 2019     

This is the best!!

Sco. W. Jun 30, 2020     

Mostly like app. However it regularly changes default location from my Follow Me choice to the next location in my list when I launch it. Very annoying.

A. G. u. Jul 18, 2018     

Does not seem to be very accurate not even for the same day.

A. G. u. Aug 3, 2018     

Does what it's supposed to do I like it.

Rut. A. Nov 29, 2017     

Provides exactly the info I look for and does so quickly. Thank you, 11Alive Weather Team.

A. G. u. Mar 1, 2017     

Awesome graphics keep me up to date! Warnings and advisories scroll across my screen even when I am not in the app.

A. G. u. Sep 2, 2016     

Its simple and the installed default settings make it perfect "out of the box." However, there are lots of bells and whistles for those so inclined. I noted a few low ratings saying conditions shown were not accurate. Make sure you have the display set to show "past" tracking and not "future" estimated tracking. (The app will stay in either mode until changed. Restarting the app does not set it back to "past".)

A. G. u. Sep 19, 2016     

The latest update made the app worse. I may end up deleting it if the problems aren't fixed soon.

And. Y. Aug 9, 2016     

Radar shows clear when there are torrential rains, or rain when it is completely clear. No longer reliable. Used to be best one out there

Pat. M. Jun 11, 2016     

Moved here in January. Got the weather app on phone -good to know what the day is going to be like & any Warnings. As reliable as if not more so than St. Louis KSDK Weather app.

A. G. u. Jul 26, 2020     

The 7/2020 updates are terrible - only a dark version is now available, the font is too tiny, and other options were removed. Hate, hate this new version and have uninstalled it after eight years of constant use.

And. R. Mar 12, 2016     

Go back to the old style, especially for the 10 day tab and the info on the bottom of the map screen. It looks like my 6 year old nephew designed the new format. The old way was much more sophisticated looking. The blue and grey is ridiculous and cartoon like. 

Joh. M. Mar 3, 2016     

Your latest update constantly crashes. You missed something here. Not a normal problem as I have run the app for a long time.

A. G. u. Mar 11, 2016     

Consistently crashes within 10 seconds now. It does not matter which function you're in, it just "times out" and closes

A. G. u. Mar 2, 2016     

You now can see radar in Europe and Australia. Like.

GE. O. Jun 26, 2015     

Everything you need to keep up with local weather. I have been able to track several storms and make decisions to stay safe and dry. Alerts let you know to get ready keep up to date. Tried other is local weather apps, none measured up.

bil. s. Nov 7, 2015     

Need more than the last 55 min in the radar loop. At least 120 min would be nice.