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12 Step Toolkit - OA Recovery

OA 12 Step Toolkit - Recovery App

This is the only recovery app based on the overeaters anonymous 12 step fellowship that you will ever need to maintain your daily reprieve. It is a perfect companion app for your 12 step program.

* App features a abstinence time calculator which keeps a track of number of days you are abstinent for. Just set your clean date in the counter and it will automatically calculate the length of your abstinence.

* Also featuring a comprehensive inventory tool which allows you to create your step 4 and your step 10 inventory. You can create different inventories based on the aa big book style - resentment, fear, sex and harms done.

* Another tool is the night time inventory as suggested in step 11 of the overeaters anonymous program. Ask yourself 10 simple questions, elaborate if necessary and your are done.

* And the list doesn't end there. You will not need another food diary app or eating journal app again. The Food Journal tool in this app will easily help you write down your notes. Make short notes and edit them as many times as you want. Write down everything you have eaten on a daily basis and track your progress over the weeks.

* The OA program is not complete with the gratitude list tool. This pro tool will let you write down the things you are grateful for.

* Worried about others checking your personal notes? We have taken care of that too by giving you an extra layer of security with Pin Locking.

* The overeaters anonymous program is all about sharing with others and hence a lovely feature has been added for sharing your inventories, journal and gratitude lists via Facebook, Twitter, email, texts, WhatsApp and more.

In short, if you are a recovering addict and need a 12 step companion you can carry in your pocket, especially if you don't have a sponsor yet, this tool will go a long way in recovery.

The Just For Today card comes as standard with the free version of this app.

We have also added some more literature which can be useful in conducting an OA meeting or just as helpful when read in solitude. This in fact is your bible for recovering from food overeating addiction.

Prayers included:

- Serenity Prayer
- Third Step Prayer
- Seventh Step Prayer
- Eleventh Step Prayer
- The Lord's Prayer

Readings included:

- Our invitation to you
- 12 Traditions
- OA Tools
- OA Readings

This App is not affiliated to, endorsed by or sponsored by any 12 step fellowship including but not limited to Overeaters Anonymous.

For any suggestions or problems, please email me directly on ibyteapps@gmail.com

If you cannot afford the pro features in this app, please get in touch and I'll provide you a discounted version of it.

Visit our website for more information: http://www.12steptoolkit.com

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Reviews (30)

CK. Q. May 19, 2021     

The nightime inventory is mixed up. The yes and no functions are confusing. Yes means no? No means yes? Just paid $9.99 for this app, would appreciate something done about that confusing glitch. I can't get an answer from Google about the $9.99 charge. My bank says its recurring???? Better not be! $9.99 was plenty for basically no ads. Can't reach developer by phone or email. Tried many times. To me, it appears to be a scam. I would NOT BUY this APP! Now I have another mystery to clear up! ☹

Kai. A. Dec 16, 2020     

The layout could be more aesthetically pleasing, and I wish it had a chip next to your abstinence day count, and I wish it allowed me to record a daily eating plan, but overall I like this app pretty well. It does what it needs to do.

Mar. A. Aug 23, 2019     

I discovered this and use tools daily.love it great to use, user friendly interface. Have not tried the chargeable tools. I thought OA was to be supportive on voluntary basis and self supportive

Sus. H. Sep 20, 2019     

I'm finding this App really helpful and easy to use. Having this daily toolkit on my phone makes it so easy to work my program because I can easily access it 24/7. The spot inventories are great too

Chr. D. Oct 25, 2020     

Love this AP. Useful adjunct to working my OA program. Especially beneficial for me is the OA TOOLKIT. With my wild mind and Attention Deficit it enables to find my journal. Might sound simple buy to me BIG ASSET. Sharing inventory, gratitude list and journal, WHEN APPROPRIATE, also has helped me grow through feedback from sponsor.

Ale. S. Jul 23, 2019     

Pleasantly surprsed. This app is very thoughtful. it has reminders and prayers easy to access during hectic day. Grounding.

Gar. H. Feb 10, 2021     

Been a part of OA for several years. It is by far the best support system available for compulsive eaters. This App consolidates my information and tool access. Great App.

col. p. Dec 29, 2019     

Really a great tool that all overeaters can take advantage of. Great for helping to follow program daily.

Ter. L. Jan 13, 2020     

I wish there was a way to make the font larger for those of us with vision difficulties. Also it would be nice to see the prayers in NIV version.

qui. Aug 7, 2020     

Worked well for a few weeks not working now won't allow use of night time inventory. Actually no part of is working. I had bought it.

Lor. G. May 27, 2020     

I would rate the app 5 stars if there was a separate tab where I could record my daily Plan of Eating and Action Plan. And if I could access the daily readings from For Today and Voices of Recovery from the app... and I am willing to pay for that option as I know there are copyright laws to consider... but then you could pay the same as you would when buying the literature from OA.

Dia. P. Jul 21, 2019     

I love this app it gives me everything I could ask for and keeps it all private for myself to look at overtime. I love this app.

Dav. E. Apr 7, 2021     

I use it almost every day. I use the "Just for Today" in the morning and the 10th Step checklist in the evening. It is great.

Cel. H. Apr 16, 2021     

Very useful to have all prayers and OA contact in the same place. Tool kit just provides blank space

Sco. S. Jul 22, 2020     

Was working great, then just crashed. Now it doesn't work at all. Lost my data.

Jan. P. May 2, 2019     

I like that the app keeps track of my days of abstinence, and I love having the prayers and readings at my fingertips

Leo. G. Dec 26, 2020     

Very easy to use and user Freindly. I am still making it through most of the helpful tools....Thanks OA....Leon G

Len. D. Mar 10, 2019     

I like it.. wish it had a place to write your food and submit it to your sponsor.

A. G. u. Mar 15, 2019     

I was thinking of somethings.Read the info.It helped me through a panic attack. Thanks for having this available.

San. K. Aug 8, 2020     

The app stopped working. I can't find a way to report it, get it repaired.

bev. c. Oct 25, 2020     

All the readings are in one place that makes it convenient.

Suz. G. Feb 12, 2021     

Fellowship in my pocket, always to hand wherever I go. Only missing 1 star because it doesn't have the 12 steps.

Jen. P. Oct 3, 2018     

I love this app. I text my nightly review to my sponsor every evening.

Pea. a. L. Jan 25, 2019     

So very helpful..excellent!! Everything I need for the program.

Peg. S. P. Jun 7, 2019     

this is an awesome app....i love N.A. & this tool kit is amazing it has everything i need to stay clean!

Mrs. H. Nov 21, 2018     

would be nice to have speakers inside of app instead of having to download another

Cor. Y. Jul 11, 2020     

Ok except the most updated preamble is not updated.

Lau. S. Nov 14, 2019     

This is a meeting in my pocket. Another tool to help me conquer my addiction to food one day at a time.

Zan. D. Apr 7, 2019     

A wonderful support and easy to use

Kao. K. T. B. Jun 2, 2019     

It is a great tool because its very handy. I can bring it everyehere!