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> See your family anytime, anywhere. Experience the warmth of home whenever you want!> You can also view other open cameras, to see sights from around the world, and hear the songs of many nations.> You can also open your camera up to everyone else:> Show the whole world your adorable child, or the scene outside your window;> Have the whole world listen to the crowds outside your shop, and the delightful music around you.> No matter how far away you are, you can be back home with the touch of a button!> 8x digital zoom, so no matter how small your screen is, you can still see everything in great detail; •0.2s shutter speed, to quickly capture the smiles of your family;> 720p HD recording, the picture is so clear you feel like you're at home; > A personal walkie-talkie, so you can easily talk with your family wherever you are; > HD and fluid viewing modes for all types of connections. You can watch even without a massive data plan; > Even more fun features await you!

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (30)

TJ. W. Apr 21, 2022     

Update was a complete fail! Iv been using these cams for about 4 years. They have always been reliable and robust. However, the update I installed last month, (the only update iv noticed since owning these devices), has been a complete fail! I can no longer review the days events because the replay is way too blocky. It skips virtually the entire thing. I can only replay from my memory card manually. It is very time consuming and pointless in an actual break in because it can be disposed of.

Can. M. Feb 1, 2022     

This app was perfect in almost every way before this latest update. Not getting notifications when a person is sensed is a big deal obviously, but my biggest gripe is having to log in every couple of hours. I really liked being able to just open it and check really quickly. And then on top of that a FREAKING CAPATCHA! EVERY SINGLE TIME. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Please fix or just revert back to what it was. There was nothing really wrong with it. Thank you.

Lor. G. Jan 17, 2022     

Every time an update is completed on this app notifications no longer work, and then finding the new settings to turn the notifications back on is a nightmare. Since having the latest update installed am no longer able to receive notifications, even though all notification settings are turned on throughout the phone and on this app. Watching footage is impossible as well, it sits there buffering the whole time. Time to upgrade to a different/better camera, I think.

Dhr. R. Mar 21, 2022     

Useless device and app No free cloud service permanently Very very very slow rendering, always crashes at day time. When you need visuals it says unable to connect. Wifi strength is very poor. Setting up the device is bit hectic and tiresome activity. Device tales almost 15 mins to boot up and connect online.. In short a very useless device and app to have. Use Tplink tapo.

Jir. J. Apr 25, 2022     

From awesome to worse.. the cloud video cannot be automatically play or loaded anymore or wasn't even there. It can be only be seen in SD card taps. Also, the call bell are laggy. Can you guys, improve another update please. It is very devastating. I will only chnage the rating after improve updates.

Car. S. Mar 2, 2022     

This was the best camera until the update. I had 2 cameras and then all the sudden it logged me out took off my devices off my account. When I tried to put them back on it says it's not compatible with my wifi anymore. I havent changed or upgraded my wifi either I've used these camera for over a year. I want my money back for the subscription. It's b.s.

Lin. Q. W. J. May 13, 2022     

Poor app. Always need to reset password, even you key in the correct password, it still show wrong password and you need to reset the password, using for one month is good, after that every two three days need to reset password, lucky never buy the cloud storage.

Tre. H. Jan 26, 2022     

Worked fine before latest update. I don't receive any notifications at all anymore and have to manually check everything🤬. None of my settings have changed and all notifications for this app are turned on and volume up. Not good in the neighborhood I'm living in. Please fix this immediately!!!! Galaxy S9 plus on Android 10 is what I'm using. Please respond and give me some sort of explanation as to why this app is getting worse. 1 STAR UNTIL ITS UPDATED AND NOTIFICATIONS ARE RESTORED!

P. D. Feb 14, 2022     

Notifications on Prowling, are working now, but without preview on the notification (on lock screen for example). You have to open the app to see. Preview was very usefull. If you can also fix this then the app will be working like before.

GUA. B. A. Apr 16, 2022     

It used to be very stable. However, lately the app just closes when I click to view the live video. Could support help fix it asap. What kind of support is it? I tried sending email to the support email address listed on this app page and it was rejected due to sender not on list of permitted senders??? The support really sucks! Would advise potential buyers to keep away.

Mai. M. May 7, 2022     

App just stopped working... Woke up 1 morning and it asked me to login. When I tried nothing happened. Tried to reset/forgot password and nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app still nothing... So now I can't even use the camera.

Aro. M. Dec 18, 2021     

Night vision works very well. As far as the camera goes the only negative thing I have to disclose would be, the microphone on it does not pick up voices very well at least mine doesn't more than four to five feet away from it aside from that you'll be lucky to hear a couple syllables here and there. The viewing, the remote viewing, ease of use, are all very good. I definitely suggest if you're looking at backing up your data to either get a micro SD card for the camera or set up cloud coverage.

Jac. N. May 14, 2022     

The user experience has been awful since the latest update to the app. I can't even record a video anymore and it's just so laggy.

The. F. Jan 5, 2021     

Inconsistent behavior. I have two cameras. The newest one claims the "network is poor" when trying to change settings, yet the first one doesn't. Also, I can view live all I care to, no error. So the network can't be that bad. FYI: I have 300MB down and 30MB up with minimal latency. No, something's wrong with how they're communicating settings changes.

Ale. J. W. May 21, 2019     

So at first I bought one and I really like it. So I bought another 2. All 3 of them worked great and then about 2 months in one of them stopped working. I messed around with it forever finally threw it away. Now my other 2 have worked perfect from day one. The best thing about them is the night vision it literally almost just looks like a black-and-white photo or video, that's how clear it is.

And. H. May 13, 2021     

I really like this. I see the bad reviews and no u got it wrong. It won't keep detecting if it's regular walking around and u dismiss it from the app. One helpful tool to know. 2nd person it says person. Animal says motion. I like that it puts a clip to see what is going on. Super helpful. I also like that u can view without anyone knowing you are. Smart. Sound is amazing. Great connection. Once it said offline so I waited a bit exited out of app and worked again. It helped my family alot.

Sim. Q. Oct 10, 2021     

Works for about 5 minutes then all features seem to stop. This is meant to have face recognition, but I'm continually getting an error code when I try to name people. I've tried reinstalling and making sure all updates are downloaded. Still doesn't work. The platform is clunky and overly complicated. I'll be buying a better camera and platform. You get what you pay for I guess.

kuu. T. Dec 27, 2021     

Excellent! It is very reasonable for such a cheap price. I didn't want anything fancey or over the top all i wanted was 2wayaudio, night vision and clear content and for less than $25, this is perfect! Do to covid and we would have to leave the children home to shop this camera came in handy. Picture quality is 1080p to 750p depend on your internet speed. It catches movement as little as a spec. You would have to buy a usb sim card to save content. Highly recommend i had no issues, works great!

pen. May 8, 2022     

Appears there is an issue with the app as the settings functionality has stopped working so when you toggle the settings for motion, removing the camera for charging etc a message appears to say operation failed.

Kar. M. Jun 16, 2021     

Used as a baby monitor. It's been great so far. The picture quality is amazing, a bonus that it's portable and can link more than one camera. It notifies you when the kids cry or move around and records a short video of them when an unexpected noise is detected. The only downfall is that you can only watch one kid at a time and have to toggle between each to see them. There is a "live view" function on the home page but it does not play the live view for both simultaneously. Lost a star for that

San. Apr 17, 2022     

Works well. There is a delay for about an hour and it's random when it happens but one day I did need to know of my son was home and I was unable to get a real update.

Ada. S. Feb 27, 2022     

Am no longer able to use the app at the same time as my wife, have to log in every single time I want to check on the camera. Unusable in it's current state

Mar. M. Aug 27, 2020     

Very sluggish app, takes ages to load a video, if it loads!! Very confusing to make your way around features that it does have camera quality is good for daytime, however because it has to be indoor there's no way to capture night time video - won't see through glass. Fix the app, then I'd rate it more. Oh and cloud recording is pointless, you have to pay for that but doesn't tell you how to get the activation code! That Page in the app is pointless also

Gia. C. Jan 8, 2020     

I would like to know how to adjust the camera (use doorbell 360) since in the instructions the adjustment is written in Chinese. Trying to adjust intuitively sometimes I get the signal only, sometimes the smartphone rings and I can answer it, sometimes the call occurs on one of the two telephones with the application, sometimes its both sometimes on none.

Gla. M. Jan 21, 2022     

Been using this app for 2 years now and it's worked out fine. However, just 1 day ago I installed the latest update and then it stopped sending real time notifications. The app used to send notifications on the events recorded such as captured motions, people moving, loud sounds and crying. Now, it does not anymore. What happened to the notifications?

T. 7. Feb 8, 2022     

Worked great until the most recent update. Now I do not receive notifications for events. This is very unfortunate because this app was awesome in the past!

fio. Feb 14, 2022     

Notifications finally fixed after a month. No preview like before but better than nothing. No communication from company.

Val. P. Jan 25, 2022     

Due to the latest updated app I am not able to receive the notifications. Otherwise it is the best camera app and best camera as well but remove Chinese language in mix with English

Muh. Z. Feb 14, 2022     

After the latest update, the detection of notification does not work. Can somebody or staff help to check what's happened with the apps and kindly please fix it...

Ail. V. Feb 4, 2022     

I love this app but without app/alert notifications its useless. Why is the app notification not working? Pls fix this asap. Frustrating not having alert notifications.