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3D Gallery Live Wallpaper

3D Gallery Live Wallpaper app features a rotating 3D photo cube showing pictures and photos from your albums. Make Live Photo Gallery, Select your favorite pictures from your gallery/Album to display in cube. This app contains amazing and soothing background images. Add images of yours and your loved ones.
Features Include:1. You can manually change the cube images from your album/Gallery.2. 13 different background are available.3. You can even increase/decrease the speed of rotating cube.4. Adjust the size of the 3D cube. (5 sizes)5. You can even increase/decrease the speed of rotating cube.6. You can set the position of the cube anywhere in the screen.7. User friendly as controls are very simple just swipe your finger across the cube to change or toggle the direction of the 3D cube.8. When you set it as wallpaper, but also can directly hand toggle the 3D cube.9. You can change direction of cube rotation angle.(vertical, horizontal as well as random)

It's performance is heavily optimized as it is created using textures in OpenGLES with good memory handling.Won't slow your phone down at all.

This version is supported by ads to make it FREE.

Category : Personalization

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