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3d mountains deer hunt-2016

It's time to reload your rifles and Shoot the Biggest 3d mountains deer hunt-2016 !
For the first time ever, you can view your Dangerous hunting moments... where you can view shooting point, the exact position of Deer when killed!!!This is your chance to become a professional hunter...Prepare yourself to experience the thrills of the evergreen center of all excitement – the Jungle! It is here the jungle animals run in the wild, so it is here that your hunting skills will be tested to their potential.

Here is right place for you, download this thrilling Deer hunting game “3d mountains deer hunt-2016 "

Choose from a variety of Guns such as the Rifle, Shotgun, and many more!

EXPLORE A HUNTING ENVIRONMENT!!Immerse yourself in diverse environments and explore the visually stunning adventure!!! Watch out for attacking Deer predators

AMAZING 3D JUNGLE!!!In this simulator game you will experience real time wildlife 3D Jungle with amazing forest journeys of hunt and survival.

WIN TROPHIESCollect trophies for your trophy room

This Deer’s simulator game provides you the real life “3d mountains deer hunt-2016 "


Enter the jungle and spot the deer that you want to shoot. The arrows on the left let you move forward, backward, left and right. So, take the most strategic vantage point for that perfect aim. Don’t risk too close to the Deer for you may just shoo it away. Choose the WEAPON option and your person will be armed with a sniper rifle, when you have recognized your target.

Features:-Real-life Deer hunting experience-Amazing 3D environment-Efficient gun control-Realistic Cool sounds effect-Console quality HD graphics-GAME CENTER Achievements and Leaderboard.-Beat and Compare your Score with your friends-Don't miss a single Shot or you will end up losing this hunting season

Category : Action

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Reviews (3)

A. G. u. Sep 19, 2016     

love the timer, got to keep it sharp. yea some ads but you know the ones that complain should be greatful there aloud to play at all, yet for free! they also could try to wright there own then?

rox. w. May 3, 2016     

Can't see out of scope

Yol. V. Sep 12, 2016     

Love it