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89.7 WMHK is South Carolina's Family Friendly Station, providing positive and encouraging music that is safe for the whole family to enjoy! This totally listener-supported ministry exists to influence as many people as possible with the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. 803-365-0897
- studio line. wmhk@wmhk.com

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

Yol. W. Jun 29, 2016     

I could not get it to play. Tried several times kept buffering then the app stopped all together. I got rid of it last year because of the same problem, thought it had improved.

Dav. S. Jul 1, 2014     

Love listening to clean radio that just makes you feel good. We play this station as it is great for our child and us to listen too, and its a great ministry.

Den. V. Jun 10, 2014     

Listening since 1998 and still being encouraged thousands of miles away in South Korea!!!

Sha. Nov 26, 2013     

My family loves this station. Great to have it everywhere I go. Update! Still working very well!

STE. H. Jan 22, 2015     

I love this radio station. Keeps reading error! :(

Ter. R. Mar 4, 2014     

Can I say Daddy God has some awesome technology and it is getting so much better !!!! Thank you

Cin. C. Oct 24, 2013     

Love having access to great music and clean content at my fingertips throughout the day!!

Zac. C. Jun 22, 2013     

Great for while your out of there station range I love it.

Fab. C. Dec 12, 2013     

I love to listen with my family positive music my mom always turns it on.

S. S. Jun 22, 2017     

Doesn't work. Keeps buffering but never plays.

Ari. R. Apr 10, 2015     

The only radio station I listen to

Ran. S. Sep 20, 2014     

Love love the programing

Ric. M. Feb 13, 2014     

Awesome I yes it all day

Mar. L. D. Apr 27, 2013     


Mat. O. Jul 13, 2014     

Great radio stations

d.x. Nov 2, 2014     

Radio Station is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lew. F. Jan 14, 2015     

Love everything

Jac. o. Dec 13, 2013     

Love it

Luk. G. Mar 26, 2014     

Loved it

A. G. u. Jul 3, 2012     

I love having WMHK at my finger tips! Now I can get the inspiration I need to get through the day from my favorite local station EVERYWHERE!!

A. G. u. Feb 11, 2012     

Best app ever more I can listen to my favorite station whenever I want :-)

A. G. u. May 22, 2012     

This, hands down, or up praising God, is THE BEST station in South Carolina! Thank you WMHK for making radio family friendly.

A. G. u. Jan 29, 2011     

It keeps cutting off on its own. Please fix!

A. G. u. Jul 5, 2011     

Love this app!!! Just download it onto my Samsung Intercept. Works great!!! Love that I can listen to the radio while working on other apps.

A. G. u. Jun 10, 2011     

I'm pretty sure this is the best app I have downloaded in the 6 months I have had my Samsung Intercept. One word. THANKS!!!!!

A. G. u. Jul 22, 2011     

Love the alarm clock option.

A. G. u. Mar 10, 2012     

A must for the midlands of SC

A. G. u. Oct 8, 2010     

Been waiting for this app! Yayyy... :)

A. G. u. Feb 20, 2012     

Love it.!!(:

A. G. u. Jun 18, 2012     

I love it!!