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97.9 the Breeze

We’re a radio station that exists to encourage you, and bring new refreshment to your life. Each song we play is selected to help you build your faith and find peace on the journey.

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (7)

Sha. W. Sep 16, 2013     

I use this app a lot and when the new update came out I was excited to see the revisions but was disappointed when I found there was no quit button. Also it seems to have connection problems even on wifi and close its self a lot. Please fix these issues so I can use this app without wanting to throw my phone against the wall all the time! Lol

Jar. S. Sep 14, 2013     


Jes. B. Sep 18, 2013     

Love love love the station but the new app freezes my phone!

A. G. u. Apr 21, 2011     

I am so glad to have The Point for Android! It is really wonderful to have a station that glorifies the Lord!

Mam. R. Oct 3, 2013     

I couldn't shut it off or get off the main screen to do anything else like answer my phone when it rang! I love the point but this app is not good!

Jaz. B. Mar 18, 2015     

I love this station and klove. Just isn't the same. Really want this app to work plz

Mic. B. Oct 2, 2015     

Good uplifting christian music I can connect with