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Quotes and Sayings from Alcoholics Anonymous!
This app is easy to use and simply displays a random saying or slogan straight from the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous at the push of a button or a swipe.

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Reviews (15)

A. G. u. Feb 10, 2019     

Applicable to all recovery programs using "take what you need & leave the rest". Very easy quick way to remind oneself of recovery tools & to get back on the beam during the day when overwhelmed by p,p, & things. Revovery program sayings have helped me get thru one day at a time for 31 years. Can never have too many tools to stay clean & sober. My gratitude to creator.

Sea. M. Jun 12, 2020     

I would love the app if then it doesn't keep crashing and then able to download then make wallpaper

Car. C. Jun 9, 2020     

Helpful and inspiring.

Zan. P. May 1, 2022     

Just got started chemicals heart

Dav. M. Nov 17, 2017     

Whatever works and it's not important whether the quotes are from The BIG Book and other sources, including the rooms of AA which are AA living spiritual experiences ever growing never stale. AA is and should be a living thing. Live and let live and remember Rule # 62.

A. G. u. Aug 13, 2016     

AA quotes should be from the AA book not slogans you hear around the room,,, title is misleading and these slogans are propaganda not recovery

Nan. C. Apr 10, 2016     

If you are looking for quotes from aa literature this is not for you. These are things you hear in recovery or rehab but usually from someone else, very rare quotes directly from AA literature. Should be called maybe recovery quotes

edd. r. May 22, 2017     

I think it will help me to emphasize my natural altitude and true me mwah.

bar. G. May 16, 2018     

Helps in getting recovery

Mic. R. Apr 2, 2020     

Very effective

JER. G. Mar 13, 2016     

Love it

Bar. G. B. Oct 22, 2016     


Ari. V. Apr 2, 2015     

Great functionality. Just the right dose of wisdom each time.

Vis. E. Apr 2, 2015     

Great app, great functionality, inspiring and motivating for those who need some daily affirmations

Art. F. Apr 3, 2015     

Great for checking out new AA slogans!