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AA Speakers Free (Alcoholics)

The AA speakers app allows you to listen to recovery speakers, workshops and audio books from Alcoholics Anonymous (a 12 step program) whenever and wherever using simply a wifi or cellular network connection. The app includes300+ speakers speaking at Alcoholics Anonymous conventions worldwide with descriptions of where they are from and where they are speaking.The Joe and Charlie Big Book Study
- a series of tapes talking about the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Audio Book.The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous Audio BookThis app is perfect for when you cant get to a meeting, take recovery with you wherever you go!The content of this app is not being sold merely the software that plays it.

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Reviews (30)

Bri. P. Sep 17, 2018     

this app has two main issues number one is that it has a conflict between the ads that pop up, Bluetooth, sound, and perhaps the Android operating system itself. When you're playing a speaker and an ad pops up it tends to either lose its sound or stop playing where it was once you close the ad the ad interaction is just poor. The other main problem is that the speaker list doesn't include their Hometown or the place they spoke on the main list view it would be nice if the list just didn't have a bunch of names that actually included more information. It's a good app a lot of content but the UI for it is a little sloppy

lis. f. Apr 7, 2022     

It's fantastic to click a keyboard wherever you are and find yourself instantly transported onto a seat at an AA Speaker meeting. Such variety of selection and different speakers with something for everyone. Check it out. It's a real blessing to me.

Jim. D. Feb 6, 2022     

This one of my favorite apps for listening to speakers. It has more speakers than some of the other apps I use for other purposes. Plus it has Joe and Charlie and others. I listen to it every morning while getting ready for work. I appreciate the large amount of speakers and content.

Jas. C. Mar 20, 2022     

If I get in and out of a car while listening I have to restart the app, find the speaker again and the time code. I lo e the speakers and I would rate 5 stars if it wasn't for that issue

Bri. S. Sep 23, 2020     

I use this app all the time. Especially when I am out walking long distances, or traveling as I do not need an internet connection ams also late at night when I cant sleep and am feeling troubled. I can access inspiration anywhere I go. Truly an asset to my recovery and I lean on this app often. Mad props to the creator for compiling all these speakers. Maybe an update in the future 😁

Jun. L. Jul 4, 2019     

I love this app. I'm a daily listener. It's great to play while driving, working, relaxing at night etc. I imagine in my mind just being at a Speakers Meeting and it feels for me like attending as many meetings a day from various places I possibly will never visit. For those reasons I lo e this app. Give it a try and see what you think regardless of the length of sobriety. Heck, if you don't like it just delete it. However if you foumd it theors a reason, so just give it a try. Just my 2 cents!

ste. w. Nov 14, 2021     

Great recovery tool from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. Particularly like the Joe and Charlie section, vary informative. The approach they use in explaining and presenting the literature is not only entertaining, it's also vary informative. Grateful for this APP. Also, not loaded with ads and it's only $3.99 to purchase. Either way it's a great deal!!

Bre. B. Dec 13, 2020     

I listen to this while exercising, cleaning the house, cooking, and whenever I need some motivation. A little info on the speaker or the topic they speak about would be my only suggestion. Otherwise, great app for alcoholics and non-alcoholics alike!

Kev. G. Jan 28, 2020     

Just found this app, so far I am enjoying all the variety of speakers, workshops, and 12 step guides. I have listened to speakers that I haven't heard for 30 years. At my first attempt at getting sober in 1990 I used to listen to many speakers, especially Joe and Charlie. Unfortunately I had to try some controlled drinking and am back to 4 years in April 2020. I am very grateful that I have been directed here at this time in my life. It brings back so many fond memories of my early recovery,

Rac. A. Apr 8, 2020     

My name is Rachel and I listened to a few peoples stories and I loved it every speakers name is alphabetically in order from a to z so I could relate and some stories are funny it's nice when I hear speakers share and they say little jokes which I was told that humar is good in recovery so I am grateful for this app because everyday I could listen to someone's story and hear their experience strenth and hope to remind me that relapse isn't an option thanks to my higher power one day at a time.

Dar. L. Jan 6, 2020     

Excellent speakers! I was amazed hearing 2 people from my home state and they mentioned recovery places I had been back in the 90's. I've listened to 15 or 20 speakers so far and I love this app. Better then I expected in english

Bet. R. Nov 5, 2020     

Love this app. I listen to it at every chance I get. Especially since there has been very little in person meeting due to covid! Great speakers with all different amounts of time from all over the world. Great app!

Rac. D. Nov 4, 2019     

I really loved this when I installed it and used it daily... now it plays for a few minutes then stops on every speaker I try 😔 I'm bummed. It was wonderful while it lasted.

Mic. H. Jun 27, 2021     

This is Wonderful!!! I have listened to some of the speakers and am one third of the way through Joe & Charlie's big book study...this app has been a Godsend!!! When I cannot make it to a meeting for whatever reason, I always have this resource at my fingertips...there is so much info in this app. I love it!!!

Ayl. B. Aug 27, 2021     

Very good quality sound, the set up is nice, the different options at the top and the way it's organized. Has good variety and amazing stories

Ale. Z. Nov 19, 2020     

I really enjoy the content contained in this app and the design is clean and simple. I had some issues after the Nov 5 Android update and the developer worked with me to resolve the issues.

Tua. S. Nov 22, 2019     

Amazing! So thankful that I found and downloaded this app. Am learning so much from listening to the Joe & Charlie Big Book studies, especially about Step 4 inventory. Finally realise what I must do to allow my Higher Power heal me in order to be truly happy, joyous and free, without having to go to any other fellowship. God bless you 😄

And. A. Feb 7, 2021     

So far many of the recordings are seriously dated which is a bit more challenging to settle into. However my continued commitment to sobriety and maintaining a theraputic environment is what makes it a minut hurdle

Don. K. Jul 9, 2020     

Works great. Just getting started with it. Looks like a lot of resources for recovering alcoholics. Adds are not very intrusive and it is affordable.

Joh. D. Apr 5, 2022     

Great app. Audio literature and great speakers.. India is listed as being a 45 minute speaker.. but is only 15 minutes.. would've loved to hear her whole share. Thanks for contributing to my sobriety... seze31nyc_sfm@

Rob. F. May 16, 2021     

I like the app. I wish there was a way to separate the women speakers form the men. I find both helpful but sometime would like to hear from a specific group without scrolling through all the speakers.

Dav. A. Jun 9, 2020     

Great app, easy to use and intuitive. Only ding I have is that my time in sobriety is only by the year, but doesn't include months and days.

A. G. u. Dec 18, 2018     

Some great clips including some of the old-timers (e.g. Dr Bob). Like having a meeting on the go. Format is easy and doesn't occupy much space.

Bet. F. Apr 18, 2022     

Great app. The ads aren't obnoxious and don't interrupt listening. Lots of awesome speakers. Do recommend.

Eri. P. Jun 10, 2020     

Always an uplifting & inspiring way to start off my day. I feel it boosts my recovery to hear other recovering alcoholics share their ESH. Some are quite brief and easy to fit into my day. On the tech side, it's easy to use.

Nev. G. U. Jun 15, 2020     

Love having this but wish it would have better search tool. Cannot search for topics only speakers. Also cannot play thru bluetooth to car. Other than that its great

Tam. K. Dec 22, 2020     

So far so good. Super easy to use, good speakers, love the variety, accents, sincerity in their stories.

Nas. 1. Apr 6, 2022     

They don't add new speakers that often. Most of the adds should not be sponsoring this type of app.

Ada. G. Jun 23, 2020     

Ever since the Covid-19 meetings have been very limited. I found this APP just at the right time. As if a Power Greater than me guided me right to it. Thank you to those of you that took the time to compyl it.

Kel. I. G. Feb 27, 2022     

Awesome app. When I need words to hear it's so great to jump on this app any time, any day! One day at a time!