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Aber- Ask Anything Anonymously

Aber is the new social media app where you can make a profile and ask any question you answered 'because.
This location based application will send notifications To Those around you and the friends you follow, so your question will be answered '.
You are printable to ask anything anonymous and equally respond anonymous and no one would know it's you.

Do you want to know opinions about products; where you can eat great food in your area; or how to solve any problem? Aber help users eachother.

With the two timelines, the application Allows you to view the most recent questions asked in any country you want to view and usefull the questions in your set range.
Categories, zoals politics, news, beauty, fashion, etc., make it possible to limit the questions you see and be sure your questions will be answered '.
Ask Questions, you would not ask axis yourself, but anonymous.
Search keywords to any questions or users.
Follow your friends.
Use it fast when you're in a hurry to get answers by others.
Find answers to questions, asked by others.
Ask opinions of others.

This application is free of charge and your questions and privacy are our concern.
Aber App is powered by Goteso.

Category : Social

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Mic. P. Nov 14, 2017     

Only one person appears to use it.