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Aware of your needs to a technological world, the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) created this new App for your mobile phone. With this application, you can make your inquiries at any time of the day, know the detail of your account or service accounts, make payments and report faults. So easy and fast, safely, you will have these services:

- My Account    Ongoing fees    Objected charges    Due date of your bill    Last payment date registered    Amount of last payment registration    Account Status    Balance    Service address    Postal address

- Electronic invoice:    You can view, save and print the invoice immediately    Pay your bill with your credit card, checking or savings

- Payment history

- Status of orders:    The system displays the status of all service orders requested in the accounts registered under your name.

- Invoice claim: If you do not agree with the billed charges, you can claim your bill on or before the due date.

- Payment claim:     Did you make a payment, you verified your history and you see not credited to your account or reflected as "in transit"? Now you can make a claim online in a few minutes.

- Invoice not received You're not getting your bill in the mail? Connect, select which of your accounts you do not receive so that we can investigate.

- Issue report: If you detect a issue, via your mobile phone you can take a photo, enter basic information and report it.

- New service

- Cancel service

- Payment plan

- Reading counter

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