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Adblock Browser -Free & No Ads

Amazing App ! Block and remove ads with Adblock Browser, download adblock on your mobile now and enjoy faster internet speed plus lifetime ad-free. Remove ALL Pop up inside the app
- Say No to Ads ! No root required.The ultimate ad blocker app that you need to download today . This browser use the latest technology and is proven to be the ultimate pop up killer.
✔︎ Block advertisement with our latest adware detector (preload / banner / video ads)✔︎ Super fast web browsing experience. Hassel-Free✔︎ Advertiser hate this android blocker ! Because it is so powerful✔︎ Auto blocking is enabled. No need to configure anything. 100% ad Free✔︎ Prevent ad tracking by disable redirect links to ad site✔︎ Optimized for Samsung latest android device (enjoy advertisement free internet browsing)✔︎ Proven to block unwanted ads in the browser✔︎ Thousands of people have proofed that this app can remove advertisement on their phones✔︎ Absolutely free and get rid of annoying in app ad nows✔︎ Extension is not needed. Enjoy a better adblock experience than chrome and firefox

Question and AnswersHow to remove pop-up ?-it is all automatic, just launch the app

Why i can still see ads ?-Due to technology constraint there are no ways to block native ads

I am using ordinary, how hard is the migration ?-Our app use webkit as the core so you are basically enjoying the same browsing experience than chrome and firefox, but supercharged with ad blocker

Category : Communication

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Reviews (30)

Ral. H. Oct 5, 2016     

This browser really does block ads, and it's quite reliable. It's also very simple, which is good in a way – but I'd like to be able to choose Startpage, not Google, as my homepage, and to be able to import bookmarks from Chrome or from an exported file. One thing, and only one, is stopping me from promoting this to my main browser, replacing Chrome. I have a Blogger blog, and the browser stops me from commenting on it. (This also occurs in the Ghostery browser even with blocking switched off.)

Jas. D. Oct 27, 2016     

Apps does it job, doesnt cost you a dime. Developer didnt even ask for donation. No ads to you, No money to worry. No more annoying google analytics. Combine with WRT router DNS. Bye bye banner. Booommmm

Ram. T. Sep 25, 2016     

I have tried so many adblockers but this is the fastest and easiest to use ever! Very reliable. The only problem is that videos are pixelated when im watching them on this browser. I guess this doesnt support higher resolution screens yet. Im hoping an update could fix this. Kudos

Eva. I. Oct 17, 2016     

Thanks you guys dint disappoint me lol .. so bit silly isnt it no back and forward option in the browser?!?! Can use the back button of my mobile but how to check the forwarded pages once i have gone back .. what a waste .. no speed dial .. no quick access no clear history option..no video player wow .. well people giving you good rating has never used an awesome browser like DOLPHIN BROWSER ..

A. G. u. Oct 17, 2016     

On the whole this app is ok but it takes quite a long time to load pages and it doesn't predict search suggestions like Google does, you have to type what you want to search for in full. If these improvements are made I'll rate it 5 stars.

Adr. H. Dec 10, 2016     

The same thing happens. Damn I was hoping for something to work.

Mar. H. Oct 7, 2016     

Browser works ok and adblock appears to be working. There is some weird stuff going on with the address bar containing random web addresses as you open new tabs and you often have to delete the unwanted content in the address bar to prevent append to desired url. Settings tab needs option for home page. This is an initial release, so I guess these things will get ironed out.

A. G. u. Nov 22, 2016     

Seems to work as it should, then suddenly closes snd S3 goes back to home screen. :-(

A. G. u. Sep 8, 2016     

I don't usually download 3rd party apps, but my android browser was on my last nerve! I felt like I was getting more ads than actual website content. Anyways, I took my chance on this app and am pleased AND relieved it works. I tested it on some heavily ad based sites I had problems with before and behold, it worked great. Most sites were ad-free and the rest were made far less obnoxious. Possible downside is that it also blocked when selecting from Google shopping searches. It also seems to run faster.

A. G. u. Oct 11, 2016     

As a viewer of lots of news websites this almost eliminated slow load issues. An image block toggle add on would be nice...

Lor. S. Nov 10, 2016     

So far the actual app is fine. I resent being asked to rate a product before I can even try it. I indicated ask me later, only to get a pop-up multiple times asking again to rate it. I don't know if I like the program. Not enough use to evaluate it yet. So, here is your rating.

rob. M. Nov 14, 2016     

Before its news kicks me out 10 times a VISIT or more.. The ads ruined what visits I did get before I download this browser ad/ blocker...otherwise it does what it says it the T ....ad blocking . 4 out of 5.nitjings perfect

wob. Dec 9, 2016     

The app crashes, a lot, other than that it's very easy to use

Aki. S. Dec 3, 2016     

It does work for some sites but for the ones with a lot of pop ups,it won't

Jon. F. Nov 7, 2016     

Has everything nearly. Much respect keep up the good wrork, this is recommended as an AT&T Advanced Technical Support Expert.

A. G. u. Oct 16, 2016     

It blocks pages ladened with ads. It does not allow it to load or be seen. It would be nice if it prompted a message when it performs blocking.

A. G. u. Nov 21, 2016     

I haven't found any issues with this browser, so far flawless.

bri. n. Oct 12, 2016     

Cant even block ani gif ads, cant select ad to block. Useless app.

Lau. F. Oct 13, 2016     

Doesn't block everything but it catches a lot. It would be great if it wasn't for the constant prompts to rate it. Good enough for a free program

Pam. O. N. Dec 13, 2016     

I like the ease of use with this app. The only reason I don't give it five stars is because I'd like to see an animaed radar map that shows the next six hours of upcoming weather. Otherwise, it's good.

Xen. O. Nov 10, 2016     

Exactly like the title. Did not block any ads in either regular or saftey mode. 1/10 will delete.

Sas. O. Nov 14, 2016     

Better than the other one I downloaded. Takes up less space. No problems so far... but will spam you to rate it, until you do

Han. L. Nov 4, 2016     

The Dictionary app has made reading more enjoyable and the Thesaurus adds so much to my written communication.

Cal. W. Sep 24, 2016     

Very good and no annoying ads. Hope more options will be added at a later date. Try it you will like it.

Naj. N. Nov 21, 2016     

Its very annoying! Next time create button "I don't want to rate" please!

Yan. H. Oct 8, 2016     

I've just removed this browser, coz i can not upload pictures and videos when i'm in facebook. There're options to browse gallery to chose pictures n vids, but it can't work…

Chu. Oct 5, 2016     

I hate it when I am watching dramas online in my cellphone and ads redirects you to another website. Well, this app browser is perfect for no-interruption dramathon in my phone! It is a highly recommended app for anyone who uses their phone in watching movies or dramas online. Well done developers!!!

Jos. R. Sep 22, 2016     

It's amazing how quickly things load without ads allowing them down.

Kev. K. Nov 3, 2016     

There are a few inconveniences in its features that boil down to not working like I'm used to with regular browser. Still, it does its job well.

Kei. L. Dec 7, 2016     

I use this to watch YouTube and it's great as it stops those annoying add popping up.