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Addition and Subtraction

This app is designed to offer a fun and effective learning environment in which children can learn while they are having fun.
In the Sums Game section and the Subtraction Game you will find the different levels at which the game is divided: easy level, intermediate level and difficult level.

In each one of the levels you will find differents games that the child will gradually learn to add because this app is designed so that pressing on a number this is lit in red color if the answer is a mistake and green if the answer is correct.

When the child does the sum and press the correct number and turns green they just have to press the "next" button to move to the next sum.

In this way the child can complete all the sums for himself because the app shows him at all times if the answer was correct or if he made a mistake.

Category : Educational

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Reviews (30)

Fra. D. Jun 7, 2020     

This app had such promise but it's rubbish. The numbers are so stylised I don't think my son even realised they are numbers. The advert is frustrating because if it gets touched the app effectively closes and you start again. The sums are always the same and in the same order. You can't start from where you left off you just have to do the same sums again. You can't choose levels of difficulty. You never know where the end is so there's no reward for the child for finishing a set of sums.

Ner. S. Oct 3, 2019     

Very nice app. It's an advanced math for my preschool. Think it will be more helpful to kids if there's also an illustration to it like fading/popping up of objects when adding/subtracting..or like three are slashed of the five objects under "5 - 3"...well, thanks!

M. F. Jul 24, 2020     

This game is very good for my 6 year old girl. I think it's a good app for children of her age.

Sha. O. Aug 20, 2020     

Nice app. It's good. It's just that until you back the page, the game can't be over.

Ebe. P. A. May 14, 2019     

But this game is so slow and bord and I know the small children need this app ok and do this game better bye and don't forget to make it better bye

ane. z. Jul 20, 2020     

it was amazing for nursery kids i prefer it for u all i love it

mar. f. Jul 2, 2020     

Excellent math game, my kids really enjoyed.

And. N. May 21, 2020     

Very excited because it helps my kids a lot.

Pre. D. Jul 12, 2019     

Great app because it helps first graders learn maths

Tha. M. Apr 30, 2020     

My child love to play this game n he is doing well calculating

Res. T. Apr 8, 2019     

excellent game for kids.increaing their maths level orally.

Col. O. D. May 19, 2020     

This game helps first class pupil learn maths

rad. s. Apr 8, 2021     

Nice game for kids I have installed it so it is so nice I like it

Lin. S. Oct 8, 2020     

Its good for your little sister to play

for. 1. Apr 23, 2020     

it is not a good game for age 8 and up

Md. D. Y. Sep 22, 2018     

This App Is Brilliant..And love This App❀..

Fid. k. Jan 2, 2020     

Nice game for children

Sub. S. Dec 24, 2020     

This is a good aap for kids

Gir. S. Apr 3, 2020     

Best app for Poor Child App

A. G. u. Apr 22, 2021     

Happy with the game

mas. s. Oct 23, 2021     

The game it's great😊

Tob. O. May 7, 2021     

I love it Round 2

Sha. R. K. Jun 7, 2020     

I Love this game .

Emm. K. Mar 17, 2020     

The is the best game

Lau. R. Aug 22, 2019     

My little one love it

Abb. L. May 1, 2021     

I hate this game so much

Kat. L. Jul 5, 2019     

i love this game..

Tlh. T. Sep 19, 2019     

It helped my brother a lot 😜😜😜😜😜

ati. J. Apr 29, 2020     

It's awesome 😍

Ilh. N. Oct 24, 2020     

Cool I love it