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Address Book Contacts Backup

Backup address book and call logs in the most obvious way with Contact Ninja . It saves your contacts on cloud and allows you to keep them as an Address Book / Contact List which you can access from anywhere remotely (on the fly) .
Access your Phone Book on the fly and call your loved / immediate ones. When you're done, log-out permanently, with peace of mind that all your information has been removed. 

Most Useful when :1. You forgot to carry your phone with you. Contact Ninja don't let you miss your contacts and let you access them from any device . just like a pocket address book . 2. You have given your phone for repair . Use Contact Ninja as your address book on the fly and stay connected with your contacts.3. Your phone runs out of battery , and you have to call someone urgently. Access any phone and login to www.mycontact.ninja and get your address book and recent call logs to access the number.4. You are using multiple phones and want to manage a single contact list with all contacts merged.5. Your phone is not with you and have to note down somone's number .Key features of the app are :✓ Directly call your contacts from any device on the fly without importing/saving or remembering your contact list. ✓ Add New Contacts on the fly .✓ Backup Contacts to your personal account on cloud for Free.✓ Import Contacts anytime to your device from your cloud backup.✓ Nice Interface of Contact list and Recent Call List. ✓ Sync Contacts from different devices and make a Single list. Removes duplicate contacts .✓ Sync Call Logs & maintain them from multiple device. So you can Monitor multiple phones in your Family/Company from anywhere.✓ Export contacts from your device(s) to an Excel sheet.✓ A Secure login . So, you can keep your important contacts on Contact Ninja instead of your phone, so no one else except you can access them .✓ Remote Access to you Contacts and Recent Call Logs through secure login . ✓ Search Recent Call Logs by date range.

Why Backup Contacts with Contact Ninja?

By the (S)words of Ninja mycontact.ninja is:

Safe: Your login is completely safe with state-of-the-art industry standard encryption.

Secure: All your contact information is anonymised for a secure storage.

Swift: Just one-step login and all your contacts are open and available via cloud for easy-access and retrieval in times of need.


Ensure your complete freedom of mind by following steps of Security:

• When you login via another smartphone, your login credentials are secured and kept anonymous from the host phone.

• You must log out of the phone after the said use is done which ensures that session is closed permanently.

• None of your personal information remains on the host phone after you log out.

***************************************************-Note : For complete security, delete the call from the call logs of the phone you use , as it is kept in recent calls of the host phone. Your address book will remain securely hidden always.

We love hearing from you at: support@mycontact.ninja

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