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Address book - Placebook

This is a address book like app which does a lot more. If you are one of those person who does not remember address good this app is for you.
Use cases1) Store address for quick GPS navigation.2) Save relatives address just like you save their phone numbers.3) Get notified when you are near a location or address.

Here are some highlights of the app1) Save addresses and link lot more information with it.2) Location Alarm
- get notified when you are near one of address (Optional)3) All features are available without any In-App purchases.4) No ads, Clean UI.5) Free backup and syncing.Detailed features

These are the information you can link with a Location1) The Latitude and Longitude of the Location2) Give a name and description.3) Who lives there and there contact details (Phone, Email)4) Photos of the place.5) Assign a category like Friends, Family, Personal, Temporary, Public etc6) Their complete postal address.7) Landmarks

Action you can perform1) Set Location based alarm. (Get notified when you are near vicinity of one of your contact)2) Quick action links to google map.3) Call, Message, Mail actions are available for the linked contacts.4) Copy, share google map link5) Copy, share address6) Share, download photos

More features coming soon1) Themes

Please mail me with your custom feature request and great Idea. I will try to do it.

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