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ADHD Adults

ADHD Adults is a platform designed for tracking and monitoring the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults.
ADHD Adults will allow you to perform pharmacological monitoring, to plan your daily life activities, to measure treatment results and performance or to get a global status overview using our self-assessment questionnaires, as well a direct communication with your doctor.

ADHD Adults was developed in collaboration with ADHD specialized doctors and audited regarding the WHO (World Health Organization) proposed standards.

How can ADHD Adults help you to improve your daily life?

* Follow your medical treatment, plan your daily activities in our interactive agenda and avoid future oversights thanks to our customized reminders.

* Be able to use concrete and effective sheets to perform physical, academic, emotional, affective or adherence to treatment follow-ups, to build a precise medical history.

* Analyze your current status using our WHO approved self-assessment questionnaires.

* Review the adherence to treatment and pharmacological consumptions with our medication related charts (only available in Premium accounts).

* Invite your doctor to use ADHD Doctors, our professional-oriented platform, available FOR FREE in Google Play, that will allow them to follow-up your evolution, modify your treatment or event chat directly with you.

Join the ADHD Adults experience and discover how to improve your daily life, getting a precise overview of your medical history and analyzing your evolution, finding the best solutions with your doctor.

Important user related information:

* ADHD Adults is a part of a mental health product suite providing solutions for patient tracking and monitoring from smartphone/tablet. If you are a doctor/specialist, you are free to download our ADHD Doctors app, specially designed for you and available FOR FREE in Google Play.

* All information contained in this application is provided for guidance purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, consult your doctor.

* Any test result included in this platform can give a realistic diagnosis. You must always consult your doctor for any decisions about your treatment.

* This application does not replace, in any case, the work of the doctors. It is only a support tool for monitoring tasks and plans previously planified by your doctor.

* Our Mental Health product suite protects your private data keeping in mind the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)" avoiding the misuse of information or the sell to third parties with strictly monetary purposes.

Remember that some of the functions described above are available only by registering as a Premium user from the Settings section of ADHD Adults.

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