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Adobe Photoshop Fix

Image Retouching & RestorationAdobe Photoshop Fix enables powerful, yet easy image retouching and restoration on your Android phone. Heal, smooth, liquify, lighten and make other edits and adjustments that give you the precise look you’re after. Access edited photos within other Adobe mobile and desktop apps by signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud to further refine them or use them in other creative projects – it’s all powered by Adobe CreativeSync.
Photoshop Fix Features• Retouch and restore photos using tools that give you the exact look, structure and feel you want:
- Face-aware Liquify – Make dramatic edits to facial features. Create a bigger smile, slim down those cheeks or edit other facial points with remarkable ease.
- Liquify — Push, pull, rotate, swell or reshape any area to create subtle or drastic effects.
- Heal and patch — Fix imperfections using content from surrounding areas and then blend the result.
- Smooth — Simply paint to smooth or sharpen skin, landscapes or other content.
- Lighten and darken — Add or remove light from specific parts of a photo.• Edit and adjust photos using a variety of essential tools:
- Color — Desaturate to remove all color or to create a mix of color and black-and-white.
- Paint — Get precise effects with an eyedropper that lets you sample colors, an adjustable brush and an eraser.
- Adjust — Add vignettes and control exposure, contrast and saturation
- Defocus — Blur part of a photo to draw attention to your key subject. • Send your images directly to Photoshop CC on the desktop so you can refine them and take them further. Fix converts all your edits to layers and packages your image as a PSD file.

GET CONNECTED TO CREATIVE CLOUD Love photography? Check out the Creative Cloud Photography plan. It gives you Lightroom and Photoshop, the most powerful editing tools around. With Creative Cloud, you can open and edit Photoshop files in Fix and send your retouched images to Photoshop CC for further refinement — layers, masks and all. Or open and enhance Lightroom images and send them directly to your Lightroom Collections. All of your edits will be synced across all your computers and devices. If you make a change on your device, it will show up on your desktop. Take your photography further with the Creative Cloud Photography plan.

Also take a look at these other free Adobe apps in the App Store:

• Photoshop Mix — Cut out and combine elements from different images, blend layers, and apply looks on your Android device — anywhere you are. • Lightroom Mobile – Capture, edit, organize and share professional quality images from your smartphone or tablet.• Photoshop Express – Easy photo editor for applying effects and filters

INTERNET CONNECTION & ADOBE ID REQUIREDSign up for an Adobe ID within Photoshop Fix for free. Adobe online services, including the Adobe Creative Cloud service, are available only to users 13 and older and require registration and agreement to additional terms and Adobe's online privacy policy at http://www.adobe.com/special/misc/privacy.html. Adobe online services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration, and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

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Reviews (30)

Can. G. May 1, 2020     

Some pictures that I try to edit will immediately turn black as soon as I go into a tool to use on it and I don't understand why. If I try and save the photo when this happens, it stays black, even in my phone's gallery app. But if I back out of the editing mode and go to the menu where I add photos or whatever, it shows that the picture is perfectly fine! I've also noticed that some pictures I add immediately become downgraded and will also save this way too. Needs to be fixed!

Cai. M. Nov 27, 2019     

This is an incredible app. It lets you do a lot of the photo retouching that the full-scale Photoshop program allows, but in a super intuitive simple interface for your cell phone. It's pretty incredible how easy it is to do professional-looking photo touch-ups right in my hands on my phone. And it's free - you just have to register. Thank you, Adobe.

Man. May 23, 2019     

Editing tools are good, but I swear to god, I have never used an app that crashes as much as this does! Can't believe such an unstable and unfinished app is released by Adobe! It will crash when opening a previous project. It will crash when trying to zoom into the image. It will crash while an edit is being applied. It will crash when trying to export the image. And the list goes on! Users have been complaining since months, but still unfixed! No app updates. Adobe has just abandoned this app!

che. g. Jun 25, 2021     

Last month this worked pretty good, I used it for most of my personal editing except for the better stuff. Now, it will only save a low resolution copy of the edited photo. Im talking 5mb picture being pared down to 650kb! If I now have to pay for a premium app to save hi-res copies, they never informed me anywhere that I saw. I would, if that's the case, since it works pretty decent for non professional stuff. Not usable for me any more.

Mel. C. Oct 10, 2019     

By far the worst app I've ever used. The editing tools work but you have to constantly save after every single edit you make or it crashes and you have to start over. Depending on what you are editing imagine pressing the save arrow 10+ times. And then it crashes every single time you try to save it to Lightroom, Photoshop, or even your gallery. So once you are done editing, you can never export out of the app because it stops working or just fails. Most frustrating and poor operating app ever.

Jes. M. Mar 24, 2022     

I'm not sure why but when I try to use the liquify function and face recognition - the app does not detect the face. I've tried multiple photos, cropping photos in closer to the face, etc. But it still doesn't work. I believe I have the latest version of the app and I'm using a Google pixel 3 phone.

K. L. j. Mar 2, 2020     

Brush tool does not always work smoothly. While using it, sometimes areas that I'm brushing over do not get edited like it should. My edited pictures are also saved to my phone in a lower quality format than what was originally uploaded. On the plus side though, the app does have amazing zooming capabilities so I can fine tune my edits

Tre. M. Dec 3, 2021     

Touch calibration is enormously off when trying to use the paint brush. The paint effects are applied probably a whole quarter of an inch beneath where my finger touches. Can you stop having 30 different terrible Photoshop apps and just have one actual Photoshop like you do for iOS and like you used to have for Android before you inexplicably removed it from the store years ago? Absolutely tone deaf, you guys are.

Ale. Jul 12, 2020     

One import problem that many other photography apps got this issue, but it shouldn't appear on a Photoshop app. The EXIF data will be removed after the photo has been edited and exported. So one of the import data: photo capture time is missing. It is very frustrating to see an old photo comes to the first (most recent) after it has been edited by Photoshop. Another app snapseed handle this very well, so it is possible. Please fix it if you are still Photoshop from Adobe.

the. N. Sep 22, 2021     

Paint — Get precise effects with an eyedropper that lets you sample colors, an adjustable brush and an eraser. This is probably the tool I use the most but when I paint (or light and darken) the picture, where ever I paint ends up half an inch under. I use a Stylist by the way. Pin point precise my A## It's also painfully clear that most of the 5 stars are bots

Ped. Z. &. S. L. Dec 24, 2019     

Although there are features I have never been able to use due to "storage" issues or whatever, it is by far a top of the line app. It has so many of the tools I like to use, which means that it saves time from installing & uninstalling 15 different apps to improve one photo.

Inc. T. Aug 13, 2020     

I like this application very much, I am using it on Android mobile phone. But there is aproblem. I am using the Paint option. The first colour I selected, is ok. But when I want to pain anpther part of the picture with another colour, I cannot select another colour. It is impossible to choose a different colour. I am restarting the application, but it is still the same colour. Please correct this problem asap. Thank you very much.

Abd. A. May 19, 2022     

Super laggy. I use poco phone x3 nfc which has enough power full processor, yet it still has a sluggish performance while using this app. Just because this app comes from "Adobe" doesn't mean it can give us a good experience

Sal. W. Jan 6, 2022     

Since a few updates ago and at this time, I can't delete projects, and strokes don't register where you actually press. The app crashes a lot and I keep getting pop ups to try other adobe products after exiting a project. It's full of issues that just make this a very frustrating and pointless app.

Ren. s. Apr 26, 2021     

This app still is not compatible with my current device despite it being a newer phone. My old devices ran the app just fine. I've had this phone now for a year and it's still "incompatible." I don't understand why this hasn't been fixed yet, I haven't been able to use the app in so long. Do I have to go buy an old used phone just to be able to use this app again? If it's not going to be updated can you guys at least make an online version bc I don't want to pay for regular photoshop which is like extremely complicated. Maybe someday I'll have the time and money to take a photoshop class but for now this is all I have. If you wanna charge for the app that's fine, I'll pay for that! Please fix this I miss my Photoshop Fix.

Tin. P. Dec 6, 2021     

I used to live this app and would have given it 5 stars except lately when pin pointing to make an edit, the change is made a half inch off. If I'm trying to edit hair and have my stylus pin pointed on hair the change is made on the face. Please fix this. I really do love this app but it is impossible to use like this.

Agu. F. Feb 10, 2022     

I honestly can't believe this app, while we're having conversations about the pressure of looking a certain way you have apps like this where you can completely transform your face. Pls, you do not need to change your features to be amazing and adapt to some old fashioned beauty stereotype

Jas. H. M. Aug 11, 2020     

Between fix and Adobe mix it's a pretty good set of tools that is very near to using Photoshop on a computer for the most part . I wish fix supported layers,cutting out,and warp perspective transform tool . Great job . I'm using the free version btw . Looking forward to new development !

All. C. E. May 8, 2021     

It's not saving photo properly and leaves the canvas blank just before saving. I've used this with iPhone 6 before and it works perfect and now using updated Android phone. Hopefully you can have this fixed because the quality of the editing tools is awesome and I use this often, so it's really a shame.

Dev. N. May 25, 2019     

For editing, this app is good. But, it often crashes when it loads too many tasks for healing in detail and when zooming the photos. My phone is pocophone F1 and has a strong specs for high multi tasking (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 , Andreno 630, and Octa core). It also takes a long time to save the full-edited photo.

Sam. T. Mar 24, 2022     

Pretty useless. E.g. in liquify there's no option to adjust just one eye (witch kinda purpose of this tool: to make single adjustments) but always both. Also warp crabs point there and there but exact & precise what you want - not even with S-pen. Unistalled it.

Cla. W. Jun 30, 2020     

This used to work really well on my old phone. Now, when I use the healing or clone tool, it doesn't work properly. It won't do the top edges and begins healing/cloning way off where my finger is actually touching the screen. It's now useless. I've done some amazing restorations using this app, and now I can't do them anymore. Such a shame.

mou. m. Feb 15, 2022     

if it'd work.., but for some reason on my s10e wherever i touch, the app registers my touch half a cm below my finger which makes it unusable. ok went from 2 to 1 star as i tried to contact the support email and got an email back saying it doesnt exist. i assume the app is dead. bummer..

Mar. D. Oct 23, 2019     

I like using this for art and photo fun. But I've had the note 5 and now the note 10 and using the s-pen is still, and maybe more, difficult. Its never pulled at the same time as the pens movements. Can be very frustrating to get it how you want it w/o try after try.

Gra. H. Jul 4, 2020     

I wish this app was more s pen complient. I use my s pen with it and sometimes it glitches and exits the photo or it turns the photo upside down and I can't get it right side up. Other than that, I love it. It is great for editing out blemishes, zits and lint balls and for adding more color to makeup and hair.

Ins. W. Oct 24, 2019     

Worked fine for me, no crashes. I like the tool adjustment UI, undo/redo implementation (it allows you to roll back each action within a tool or a whole tool) and non-destructive editing. Just keep in mind that this app may produce a lot of cache data (hundreds of megs).

Jam. L. Sep 17, 2020     

The app is packed with features that are infuriatingly and unnecessarily difficult to use. The touch-screen isn't calibrated accurately and it crashes constantly, causing you to lose work. This hasn't been updated for nearly 4 years!!! PLEASE UPDATE

Bas. V. Nov 5, 2021     

The precision of the brush is horrible. I thought my finger are just too big or something that mess up the accuracy, but when I use my S pen l can clearly see that the brush are not in the place where it's should be. The brush are almost a centimeter away from the touch point.

Nia. G. Jul 9, 2020     

Lighten only lightens highlights and darken only darkens shadows—the opposite is sorely missed for, specifically, fixing up photos, portraits in particular. Also, it's pretty hard to aim tools when your thumb is covering the area you're manipulating. Otherwise it's a great app!

Ana. N. Mar 23, 2020     

Good editing options, but works poorly. I have attempted to save my photo five times in a row - crashes every time. Often when I spend ages fine-tuning a picture, it just blacks out and all my editing disappears. Don't bother installing.