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Aeries EM2

**FOR SCHOOL DISTRCT PERSONNEL ONLY!** This app is not intended for the general public, and cannot be used to check student information by anyone other than school district personnel.

Aeries EM2 (Emergency Management App Version 2) is the completely rewritten version of the Aeries Emergency Management Tool (EMT). It provides remote access to student information contained in the Aeries Student Information System. This application is designed to interface with an existing Aeries SIS web setup.

Aeries EM2 provides school-site personnel access to basic student, contact, discipline, medical, class and attendance information. Any of this data can be cached for offline use. This is useful during emergency situations where access to a computer or network is not available.

** This application is only available to school districts that have a license key installed for use. **

For Demo Access, simply start the application, search and select “Eagle Unified School District (demo)”, and login using the user name and password "admin".

Category : Education

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Reviews (9)

ade. Sep 28, 2019     

I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to see my grades, otherwise it will give me an error 400. Now I've uninstalled it because when I install it , it won't let log into my account (won't let me select my school)

Cha. G. Oct 9, 2020     

First and foremost, THIS APP IS NOT FOR PARENTS or students. It is designed for district and school administration and works wonderfully for that purpose.

Pri. P. Dec 9, 2019     

It doesn't have my district plus series is what they put our grades in and it's just for district officals

Eli. R. Aug 4, 2020     

This app couldn't find my school district I would not recommend this terrible 😡

lil. s. May 7, 2021     

it keeps saying error

Dav. F. Sep 17, 2019     

Exactly what I needed

Kay. S. Sep 12, 2019     

It doesn't have my district

Tru. Oct 5, 2017     

I love is app

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2017     

It good app