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Aeries Mobile Portal

Now parents and students can take their student information with them on-the-go, with the first version of the Aeries Mobile Portal app for parents and students!

Put your Aeries student data in your pocket with Aeries Mobile Portal. Check gradebook details, review attendance, and access Aeries Communications - right from the palm of your hand!

• Gradebook summary and gradebook details
• Attendance including tardies and absences
• Student contact information
• QR code Supplemental Attendance check-in scanner
• In-app access to your Aeries Communications portal (if enabled at your district)
• Financial information available
• Report Cards
• State Test Reports

Important - please note you can only utilize this app if your school district is using the Aeries Student Information System. Contact your school for more information regarding compatibility with the Aeries Mobile Portal app.

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Eli. B. May 11, 2022     

Doesn't work right I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling and when I do reinstall there is an error message. I can't even get on to check my kids grades. It has been over a year since I posted this original message and now that I had to uninstall and reinstall too many times and now I can't sign in. When is this going to get fixed?? This is so frustrating if that is the word.

Vin. V. Feb 4, 2022     

Worst app of all time, I have no problem with how the app works and what it does, but it has a multitude of problems and troubles. First I can't even login anymore, it used to be buggy and time-consuming to login, but for some reason it is now impossible. Before when I was able to login to the app, it couldn't load in my grades. Overall, the app is just very buggy and infuriating to work with.

Nat. Apr 14, 2020     

Worked well for a few days then suddenly stops and does not show my classes, things do not load and everything is empty. I keep on deleting and downloading again but it continues to do the same thing. It also happened on my past android device too. I had to finally delete, and download the app (Grades)- it connects to your aeries account and works well. Highly recommend!

Ami. E. Oct 17, 2018     

The app UI is simply not as good as its predecessor. The Grades app that came prior to this had a much more intuitive UI and was overall a joy to use. This app expiriances constant crashes, UI bugs, and above all is annoying to work with. Hopefully future updates will improve the performance and quality of the app.

joh. p. Jan 30, 2021     

Constantly shuts down. Every time I go In to check grades or school work, it says that that application is not working. I have to remove it and then down load it to work again for about two weeks at the most. This could be a good tool to use but it shuts down to much and when it does work, lags and is very slow!

Kat. G. May 6, 2021     

This is honestly the worst app I've ever used. It just doesn't work. I have to uninstall and redownload it every time I want to see my grades because it continuously stops showing me my classes. The website works fine, and I have this app out of necessity, but it's infuriating in how it can't accomplish it's one purpose. I like the idea of submitting possible grades to see how your grade will change, but even that feature doesn't function properly - it's innacurate in how it weighs the grades.

Fra. A. Oct 1, 2019     

Absolutely horrible. The importance of this app deserves so much more. If it worked right, it would be so beneficial. Assignments, attendance... 98% of the time, nothing shows up. Even after repeated sign-ins. I want to like it - I need to like it... but this thing is useless. Embarrassing. Get it together, or remove this frustrating trash. Just being honest.

Mae. S. Jun 4, 2019     

The app sucks and sometimes does not work. When making "what if" assignments, the editor will not do anything and instead just says N/A%. For such a "reliable program", you should really look for actuall reliability. 1 star because it's just bad. Does it actually shows your grade, yes but only when you can enter and that is if you can enter. Seriously aeries up your game.

Ric. H. Dec 10, 2018     

Opened it once without an Internet connection on accident and now it crashes every time I open it. In addition, UI is awful and inconsistent and the "what-if" button doesn't always appear. Overall, one of the worst, if not the worst, app experience I have ever had. I would not recommend unless you absolutely need it. I would give 0 stars if I could.

Sha. M. Feb 5, 2020     

Worked great and was extremely helpful for a month. I checked my grandsons grades earlier this evening and it was fine. a few minutes later when I went back to look at something I forgot it wouldn't open. It has not opened since. It's been about 6 or 7 hours. I uninstalled it and have been trying to reinstall it but the download won't start. I've been reading other reviews while waiting. I don't understand why the developers don't fix this.

xx. x. Aug 13, 2020     

Judging by all the other frustrated users of this app, I can see how undependable it's going to be during distance learning. I too have contacted them about these issues with zero response. I've deleted the app 3 times and tried reinstalling it to see if that fixes it, but I'm still being kicked out of the app with a message saying: "Aeries Portal Keeps Stopping" Super frustrating!!

Jin. P. Feb 23, 2021     

I do like having access to all of this information, but it required me to change my password and every time I tried to, it would just refresh and tell me to do it again. Even after I got on the computer and did it there, I could not log out to resign in to the app. It was stuck in a loop of asking me to change the password and not accepting any input. I uninstalled it to fix the problem, but this was an extremely frustrating issue. I also hate the app constantly needs to be backed out of.

Chr. W. Nov 16, 2021     

This app is awful! It just takes forever loading the pages. I do not have access to my child's gradebook as advertised. I click full portal and it the page never loads. I've tried finding a regular web page to log into and can't. Still no better! I have to uninstall and reinstall this app every time I want to check my child's grades. Can't even log in now! Still doing all the same things. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app every time I want to use it. A year later & the app still sucks.

Mer. T. Apr 8, 2022     

This app consistently times out. Closes when you're on it. Doesn't save information that you have updated. It take 5 minutes just to load when you log in to just crash right after. You end up having to open it in a web browser just to do what you need to do. Yet you have to have it to monitor your child's grades, attendance, ect.. fix that crashing issues and the speed of log in!

heh. x. Jan 18, 2019     

> caused other grade apps to discontinue. > authentication is inconsistent and is pretty much a gamble as to whether or not you can login. > ALWAYS something wrong. > couldn't login the past month. > "what if?" mode doesn't even appear most of the time. its only good when it works, and by that I mean 1% of the time.

Bo. V. Feb 1, 2019     

Look, until I can get past the "select a school" screen without it prompting an error every attempt, you'll be getting a one star review from me. Should've just left well enough alone and let the other grades apps keep doing their thing, its apparent you guys are struggling. (3* Edit: They fixed some problems and now I can select my school and check my grades, still 3 star until I see more improvements in the app.)

Jen. 0. Aug 18, 2020     

It keeps saying my account needs to be verified. We opened up a ticket for me. Then I got kicked out again. Now I have to ask the school Principal to open up another ticket. It never opened up on Chrome or this app only my internet browser. It seems like the POP3 SERVER may not be set up for incoming accounts on this program correctly. It could be something different......... but as a parent I'm very frustrated. & I shouldn't be. It needs to be more user friendly and it isn't. 0☆😢

Jac. W. Sep 23, 2020     

The app used to work extremely well. But during the distance learning it went downhill. Whenever I open up the app it force closes it and doesnt let me do anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, logged out and logged back in, sent numerous complaints and got 0 feedback. It's like they just up and left the app and dont want to work on it anymore.

Car. P. Oct 23, 2019     

I love having an app that is able to see my grades, but after the first couple of uses of seeing them, it defaults to saying I have no courses or current classes or anything. It gets frustrating whenever I try to look at my grades on the app because I have to uninstall then redownload it for it to function correctly, but then it defaults and tells me that stuff again :(

Mic. B. Aug 21, 2019     

Used to work I've used this app for several years for my two chidren with no issues up to the end of the school year this past June. I've tried using again since school started and it doesn't work! It says our school has not enabled app which is incorrect because we've been using this app for the same school with no changes. I contacted the school and everything is correct on their end so it has to do with recent update. I can log on in browser or go through school website. Fix It Aries!

Cas. B. Apr 15, 2021     

Aeries is a good website, but this app is atrocious. 80% of the time, I can't even log in, because it shows "an error" and boots me out of the app. 10% of the time that it works, it's extremely slow and barely registers any of my information. And if I'm lucky, it works as intended that last 10% of the time. Just use the website. This app is terrible.

Ach. Nov 5, 2019     

The app it's self is extremely useful. My only issue is the bug, where it just stops working and I have to sign out and sign back in. My one suggestion is to add a "calculator" so we are able to see what our grade will be if we do better on a certain assignment.

Jes. W. Jan 13, 2022     

When it works it is great. Being able to open the app to check for missing assignments, and grades is super helpful. The problem is that the app glitches every couple of weeks so I have to delete it and reload, or use the website.

Eve. C. Dec 28, 2021     

Great app until bugs start happening. I get an error message that doesn't go away unless we uninstall the app. Once we redownload it, it works fine but I have already uninstalled like 15 times and all I'm trying to do is check my grades.

Rob. H. Feb 17, 2022     

Galaxy Note 9 on T-Mobile with Android 10. This application is visually bland and while it gets you your child's Aeries information from the web service, sometimes the data does not appear on the notification screen. Additionally when it times out, logging back in is not intuitive which becomes a hassle. Not impressed, uninstalling.

Fir. A. C. Dec 17, 2021     

The app is great and does function fine but sometimes it will refuse to log me into my account to check my grades. Developer: can you make some fixes for the app to function correct and have less issues to deal with because the app is fine but it's got issues that are preventing users to login to their account.

Kay. Feb 6, 2022     

Every time I go to open the app, it redirects me to change my password. Every. Single. Time. It's annoying and tedious and I just want to be able to check my grades quickly. Update: now I cannot use it at all. It only let's me reset my password over and over again

Sie. J. Jan 11, 2020     

I've read some of the previous comments and here's a few things I've learned from this app. If you put in a fingerprint(ir should be an option on the app) you don't have to retype the password everytime you log in. When the ERROR 404 PAGE NOT FOUND thing pops up, it's either because the fingerprint isn't working, or the grades are being changed(such as when teachers are putting in semester grades) hope this helped!!

Kee. B. May 10, 2022     

I have "remember me" on so I can adomadicly be logged in. But each time it never shows any of my information and I'd have to log out and log back in to see my information. Now it won't allow me to login at all. I'm looking at my username and password and it matches up but it still says it's invalid.

Ais. H. Aug 30, 2020     

During distance learning, it would always have an error everytime I open the app so I had to re-log in again and again and it also kicked me of the app often but now, I can't even open the app anymore it automatically kicks me off the app and doesn't work, I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as restarting my phone, but nothing works.