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Aims Insurance App

AIMS insurance application help a family to choose the basic insurance covers like health, accident protection and term policy as well as a package to protect their house and its contents by allotting a meager 5 percent of their income. For this purpose, the head of the family should enter the details of annual income and personal details of the members of the family into the app. The app will give information on various types of policies and the rates for insuring. These include many categories and plans suitable for people in all walks of life.
The best plans and offers from various insurance companies in India are listed in the app so that the customer could prioritize and select the right protection they need for their families. Once the customer chooses the policy, they could contact us by post, email or phone so that we could inform them about remittance of premium to the company account as well as the process for insuring. The customer gets the best policy available from major companies in India through this app.
In case there is a claim, the app provides processing and follow up facility for the customers. This means that you'll be able to scientifically insurance needs of the entire family to get the best insurance policies through a single window system in India. By insuring, your family becomes not only a happy family but a secure family, and we join with you in your efforts for the safety of your family as a helping hand.
We are introducing a motor vehicle calculator for the benefit of motor vehicle owners for insuring their vehicles at the best prices and service. A wide variety of vehicles, from two wheelers to trucks and passenger carrying vehicles, could be insured after getting the best offers in premium and company support. The customer could get the best offer from all the major general insurance companies in India through our app.
Those who download the app, could use it to avail all types of motor insurance services and benefits. The vehicle owners may give their address, phone number and email as the first step and next the vehicle particulars to get the quote. The premium amount is to be paid directly to the insurance company account. Upon getting this information, we prepare the policies and send them immediately by email or courier.
If a claim materializes for your vehicle, you could contact us using the same app for processing the claim. By this we are able to give claim support and expert advises in claim settling. All vehicle owners could make use of this application from Aims Insurance Broking to insure their vehicles at low rates as well as processing and settling claims. Conveying this message to your friends and well wishers will make it beneficial for them also.

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