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Airflow Remote

You can now control everything from your phone, without having to leave the couch.

Important: Make sure you have latest Airflow beta version in order to use the remote control app.

Every feature of Airflow (and yes, there's lot of them) is accessible from the remote. You can

* Control the playback
- play, pause, scrub (with live preview!)
- skip to next item
- switch between output devices, adjust Chromecast volume, even invoke the speed test

* Manage playlists and files
- Add and remove files
- Move files between playlists
- Create and delete playlists
- Toggle playlist looping

* All playback settings are adjustable from phone
- Switch between and subtitle tracks
- Search for subtitles online
- Adjust adaptive volume boost
- Adjust audio and subtitle delay
- Override aspect ratio

* Customize app theme and accent color and hide tabs at bottom of the app (useful for small devices).

* And a lot more...

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