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The easiest way to quickly calculate Fan Airflow Performance and Static Pressure Performance for HVAC Systems installed in a home or commercial building.

Here's how it works:
1 - Collect simple nameplate information from the customers HVAC system
2 - Take four static pressure measurements
3 - The app does the rest!

You'll get clean, easy-to-understand visual representations of the status of their system (see screenshots for samples)

Included in the app is some helpful tutorials and articles that will help you get started in understanding how to take proper total external static pressure measurements to calculate airflows.

Some additional benefits:
- Requires no data plan
- Simple & clean interface
- Test results are displayed visually for easy understanding
- Measurement inputs & calculations displayed for verification

AirMaxx is a companion app to ComfortMaxx™, a subscription-based HVAC Performance Testing cloud application. There are 3 levels of Comfortmaxx ranging from simple collection and calculation of static pressure and airflow data to full HVAC system performance verification with delivered BTUs and field measured efficiency. Visit NCILink.com/CMaxx to learn more about ComfortMaxx™.

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