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Alex Jones' InfoWars

Everything you need to be an information warrior. It's the Ultimate Alex Jones / Infowars experience for all your Android devices. Enjoy the Infowars live stream; stream or download previous episodes of the Alex Jones Show to your device. Automatic downloading of new shows as soon as they are published. Watch all of Alex's videos on youtube. Keep up with the latest news and hottest topics from prison planet. I am a very active developer and I WILL respond to any issues / feature requests you have.
Alex Jones is an American talk radio host, actor and filmmaker. His syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show, based in Austin, Texas, airs via the Genesis Communication Network over 60 AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations across the United States and on the Internet. His websites include Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.

Photos and trademarks from Infowars used by permission.

Curious about the app permissions? Read more at http://goo.gl/GPXJ2

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