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Almanac App: ◦Find almanac events for sun and moon by using the internal GPS. (Times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and lunar phase)◦Get almanac events for 2800 cities world wide. ◦Select date for almanac calculation.◦Nice tool for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, golf, camping, sailing, hiking.
Functionality: ◦Finds your local position with a precision of 100 meters. (see power savings description)◦Calculates the suns almanac (Sunrise and sunset times) from the GPS position.◦Shows the lunar phase (full moon, new moon, between) and the direction it's heading.◦Shows the data for the time zone for which the phone is set.◦Calculates the moons almanac using the GPS.◦Select a city and date for the calculations instead of using GPS.◦Simple, effective and easy to use.

Power savings: To limit the use of the phones limited power, the GPS is released when the accuracy is within 100 meters. If this App is the only user of the GPS, the GPS is turned off.

How to use almanac: 1.Start the App.2.Wait for the GPS to find the actual position.3.The result will be updated continuously until the wanted accuracy is achieved.If no GPS is found in the phone, a warning will be displayed.This warning can be disabled by disabling "GPS-use" in the settings.

It is possible to override gps-position (by selecting a city) and date.

When a city is picked from the menu, the result is given for that city's time zone.

If the date-setting is used, the time 12:00 (noon) is used for the calculations.

Enter manuel settings by pressing the settings button.Uses for Almanac App:Campers traveling: Are you heading south with the caravan and want to be sure that you manage to beat the awning up before the sun sets? Almanac App can help you find your local sunset, so you're not surprised. You can also check data along the way, if you eg. when you stay overnight en route in Seattle. Find a place near your residence among the 2800 cities world wide for which data are included in this app.

Hunter who starts at first sunbeams: Hunters often want to get out at sunrise. With Almanac App's date function you can find out when the sun rises tomorrow or maybe next weekend.

Anglers fishing at night: At night the moon is the best light you can get. Anglers fishing at night might be interested in the when the moon is promoting the night sky. moonrise and moonset is therefore important times for this particular outdoor activity. Almanac App can tell when the moon rises and when it sets again.

Angler who want to avoid the full moon: It is commonly known among anglers that fishing is bad when it is full moon. Almanac App can help you determine the moon phase. Ie, whether it is full moon, new moon or something in between. It also tells you if the Moon is moving towards full moon or moving towards new moon.

Sailors: Sailors can easily check the local sunrise or sunset from the GPS function in the Almanac App. Then the sailors can head towards the harbor and get settled for the night while it is still bright.

Check whether you can manage a round of golf before the sun sets: With Almanac App you can easily check when the sun sets and plan your golf outing.

Hike or tent in the wilderness: If you're out in the wilderness on your hike and not quite sure when the sun rises or the sun sets, Almanac App on your assist you with the built-in GPS function. It calculates the exact sunrise and sunset directly at your local location.

People who travel: Anyone planning a trip can benefit from the Almanac App. It may be an ordinary holiday or maybe a hunting or fishing trip. You can select a city near your destination and see the local sunrise and sunset times for the area. Even in a distant future. Select a city and a date and you see data for the area
- right at your fingertips.

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Reviews (2)

Sem. P. Sep 22, 2013     

All it does is show sunrise and sunsets. I expected much more from a Almanac. Sad

A. G. u. Sep 13, 2011     

Simple, easy to use, but times are incorrect for my time zone. Very little documentation or options.