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American Top 40

Combine Hollywood's hottest host with America's longest running weekend countdown and you've got American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest.
Every week, from the heart of Hollywood, Ryan counts down from number 40 to the hottest hit in America. AT40 brings you the best of music and entertainment, with news and gossip you'll hear nowhere else.

The American Top 40 app provides these great features:

. Get the AT40 weekend chart in the palm of your hand. Send a song request or email the show. Listen to the AT40 stream 24/7 from iHeartRadio. Read music and entertainment news articles

The AT40 app is designed for Android devices running version 4.3 and above.

Note: Usage of the live stream on the EDGE, 3G, 4G or LTE networks may result in additional data charges. Please check with your provider for more details.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

Har. B. Oct 3, 2015     

You must be a special kind of stupid if you are going to create an app that only lets you check the list (something that you can easily do on a thousand sites) but can't stream the actual show. Apparently I need to go and download another app by iHeartRadio to be able to stream. So what's the purpose of this app then?

Fel. S. Feb 2, 2015     

Each time I try to make a request, it keeps telling me that I need to have a valid email but then won't provide the ability to do that. This app is good for voting only and not much else

Cur. D. May 27, 2017     

App crashes every time I try to bring it up. It does this on every Android phone I have ever had.

Joh. T. Dec 8, 2015     

I remember writing down the top 40 with Kasey Kasem when I was a teenager. So I was happy to see this app. But when I looked through the 70's some years are missing or not in the right order. I do love the charts that are listed.

A. G. u. Sep 30, 2015     

N SB said it's Good, he must was right. Seacrest didn't disappoint.

vam. s. Mar 11, 2015     

It's totally disappointed me

Jov. E. Dec 17, 2017     

Fix this app when I open the top40 charts there no list music lol

sid. r. Apr 19, 2017     

Useless app.. U can't even play songs.

Van. B. Dec 13, 2016     

It just says files could not be found

gar. t. May 1, 2017     

Looks like the chart is never updated......

Lyn. C. Dec 17, 2014     

No sound only chart?!!!

Jan. R. Oct 12, 2014     

It won't let me play one song this is not good awful

Bre. K. Jul 5, 2014     

Who dodnt luv A.T. 40 growing up? Listening to it now sure brings back memories! THANK YOU!

Ran. N. May 11, 2014     

I luv this app

Ell. G. Jun 10, 2014     

My favorite station along with KLOVE

Tri. S. Jun 26, 2014     

What about 90s n early 20s... i love them all... can U update it, please?

Gar. T. G. A. Jun 14, 2014     

Could not use in Canada

Ale. A. Sep 30, 2014     

Love it

Khu. K. Jun 15, 2014     

UCF Knights only

Ron. P. Apr 22, 2014     

Clean interface and easy to navigate.

Irm. S. Sep 24, 2013     

Love this

joh. g. Apr 12, 2013     

I enjoy this app because it has charts from the 1970's and 80's and I can find the titles and artists of songs I have not heard in years. One problem is the chart for January 1980 is missing, please fix that.

Vic. L. Aug 10, 2013     

I thought you could listen to the music

A. G. u. May 25, 2013     

This is a great app

Aar. D. H. Aug 6, 2014     

Would give 5 stars if you could play the current 24/7 AT40 w/ Ryan Seacreast music stream within the app itself without having to install iHeartRadio to play it.

Dic. H. B. Jul 11, 2014     

Ignoramus to moron

Bra. H. Jun 27, 2013     

Easy to find out info

Kel. D. Oct 14, 2014     

It would not play.

Eri. M. Apr 21, 2013     

Love the charts from the 80s.. :)

Mad. K. Jul 29, 2016     

I really loved it!