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AMI BarLink

* Thanks to all the current users for great feedback and helping us improve our app! **
We love jukeboxes. They've provided the soundtrack to nightlife in every great pub, restaurant, and corner bar since the 1920s. We would know. We were there. Pioneers in on-premise entertainment since 1909, AMI has done it all
- vinyl, CDs, MP3s, whatever comes next. With a catalog one million songs strong and exciting innovations in mobile and TV, AMI sets the perfect tone for whatever the night has in store.

Now, with AMI's BarLink app, Android users can quickly browse the entire catalog of music available on their local jukebox!

Want to play DJ without leaving your seat? It's easy! Create a free AMI account, add credits via any major credit card, select your venue, and select the songs you want to hear the jukebox play!

BarLink only works in AMI locations where mobile-support is enabled. Use the app to quickly browse locations!

- Mark your go-to Songs and Bars as Favorites for quick access.
- Organize and play music by creating your own playlists.
- Browse the most popular and discounted songs at your Bar
- Check out what's now playing on the Jukebox
- BarLink now supports choosing Music Videos for select Jukeboxes.If you are experiencing any problems, please email the developers at barlink@amientertainment.com

Category : Music & Audio

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