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Animal Simulator: Wild Horse

Become a wild horse in Animal survival Simulator: Wild Horse. Live the life of the wild animal. Ride and complete quests. Find an animal mate and breed a foal. Develop a survival strategy against wild animals. Level­up a horse in simulator to improve survival skills.
You can ride not alone. Find other horse and start a family. Become a wild stallion. Farm next levels to open new survival skills.

Features of Animal Simulator: Wild Horse:

- Big wild world
- Many survival locations­
- Animal behaviour simulator­
- Horse herds­
- Many animal species­
- Survival and quests mode
- Wild nature sounds

Ride across beautiful lands! Maintain your horse health, survival in the wild is not easy. Sneak into a farm. Fight with every animal you meet or ride at a top speed. Your horse can even lose a battle in the simulator.

A lot of animal scpecies in the simulator.Animal Simulator: Wild Horse has special animal sounds. Ride and listen, deep into survival.

This survival simulator has a map and a guide inside. Simulator controls allow you to ride, gallop, etc. Read how to ride your animal and many other things.Have you ever dreamed to ride a horse? In our survival simulator we offer you to forget about a calm life, be a wild horse in the simulator.

Survival games are so great! Behave like an animal. Try our animal survival simulator Wild Horse, choose your horse and ride like the wind!

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