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Animated Greeting Cards

Why spend great deal of time to shop and mail greeting cards, when you can with few seconds send many high quality Animated Greeting Cards to your contacts using FREE eBardy App?Why spend great deal of money to send Greeting Cards when you can send them for FREE? Looking to spice up your relationships and add fun to socialization? eBardy is the answer then. Whether you want to invite a friend, greet them on an occasion or holiday, send flowers to your beloved, share some touristic experiences while travelling with interested buddies, nudge or encourage a mate with an activity ecard, send an ecard to your friends to have some fun, or simply share an experience; eBardy offers you lots of cards for all of these and more. Promote yourself socially, and stay in touch with your friends, colleagues, family members, beloved, and mates who share your interests or activities through simple ecards designed to deliver your messages or summarize your thoughts more effectively in less time. Not only that, but also eBardy’s animated ecards will give both the card sender and receive the interactive feeling, and could suggest ideas and thoughts that did not cross their minds.eBardy Animated Greeting cards and postcards has huge categorized collections, like Occasions , Activities & Interests, Countries & Cities, Everyday Fun, Flowers, Holiday and InvitationsWorried about the cultural differences in themes and tastes? Leave that to eBardy’s great team of Graphic Designers distributed all over the world to match almost every culture, religion, gender, age and taste.
This is an everyday FREE app, through it you can: • Receive ecards or invitations.• Send FREE ecards or invitations.• View ecards or invitations.• Share cards on social media.Our collections of categories, ecards, ideas and themes will keep growing and our universal Graphic Designers will provide diverse ecards that suit different cultures, religions, tastes, occasions, thoughts, needs, and offer you ideas you haven’t thought of to become more creative in the type and nature of ecards you share.It is your experience that we care for and through eBardy you will enjoy:• Searching for ecards, previewing ecards along with their details, and purchasing them• Diverse assortments of ecards designed by Graphic Designers from all over the world• Downloading high-quality ecards tailored to your device screen resolution• Searching for your target ecard within a long list of categories and sub-categories: 127+• Downloading ecards to multiple devices without purchasing them every time you download them on a different device• Searching for ecards through the your using their categories• Cards’ listing based on several criteria: category, sub-category, newest cards, top downloads, highest reviews, My downloads and wish list• Adding items to your shopping card, deleting items from it, and purchasing items in your shopping cart. You can also see the total amount for the items in your shopping cart. • Sending an ecard to your contacts’ list, or selecting a group of your contacts to send the ecard to through few clicks• Sharing, deleting, hiding and unhiding ecrds• Archiving ecards to free space on your mobile and restoring/retrieving them for later use, if you are subscribed to this service.

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