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Anime Girls Coloring Game

You will love this coloring game if you are a big fan of Anime/Manga. We handpick 21 anime girls coloring sheets for you. Let you color your favorite anime and a lot of cute images.
Game Features:
★ Paint Bucket Tool: Tap and Fill an area with a specific color.
★ Undo/Redo features.
★ 190 Colors at your choice.
★ Zoom in and out to color tiny details!
★ Share your painted pictures with your friends via Facebook, twitter and email.
★ Save your painted pictures to your gallery.
★ Rubber function.
★ Cleaning the whole screen function.

With the amazing coloring pages and beautiful brushes, you are guaranteed hours of fun to free your endless imagination.The toolbar has brush,crayon,doodle paint,will show you how to draw and coloring step by step,like dress up an anime girl. Over 21 beautiful anime girls coloring pictures. ALL ARE FREE! Enjoy your date with these amazing anime girls.

And with all the colors you can chose from and the zoom feature you can also makeover and color the makeup, tails and hair of these beautiful anime girls. You can also set these anime girls as your phone's wallpaper when you finish your coloring. Coloring these anime girls is like dating them.

Anime (アニメ);are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation.A Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics,vibrant characters and fantastic themes.

Our anime girls original coloring sources include manga and anime,comic books and cartoons,video games,and live-action films.

Not just in Japan, there are many anime fans around the world,anime enthusiasts have produced fan fiction and fan art, including computer wallpaper and anime music videos.

Our pictures includes a variety of cartoon theme, there is a cool fantasy theme of war, there are a little sexy and pretty beauty anime girls, also the cat girls.

Whether adult and kids,man and woman,there are many like anime,they will certainly like our coloring game.

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