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Anime Sniper

A sniper shooter game with anime girls.To fight the alien invasion of Tokyo, Laika, Anette, Yumi, and yandere Saori join an elite sniper team and must train their shooting skills by going through progressively more difficult missions. This sniper shooter simulator is an independent spin-off from Shoujo City anime game.
Game features:
* Realistic weather effects
- rain, snow, wind, falling leaves
* Different levels with various objectives testing your sniper shooting skills
* Accurate gun mechanics
- wind and distance to target affect bullets
* Day/night missions
* Available weapons include sniper rifles, handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, futuristic guns
- each with their own mechanics and animations
* After completing missions you'll get bonus points, which can be used to buy new guns or weapon upgrades
* Sniper shooting is more fun with moe anime girls!

Category : Simulation

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