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Anime Transformation: Cartoon Face Changer

Our Anime Face Maker will turn your normal daily photos into real life vs anime photos, with the pretty anime avatar maker included to decorate your moment pictures, for the best possible cartoon version of yourself, in an easy cartoon photo editor step.

Anyone can get their cartoon face changement in a minute to Transform yourself using Anime Face Maker: Cartoon Photo filters, miltuple anime face changer artworks are ready for you: Pencil Sketch Art, Kawaii anime camera, Selfie animation Manga eyes, Photo manga, аниме kissing face, Cartoon maker, anima creator, Manga stickers, cartoon transformation... and way more content to discover with this manga avatar creator app.

Just take a selfie in Pencil Sketch Art animation mode with anima face maker and convert photo to cartoon and see yourself you look like in kawaii manga version or anime version. if you wonder how to transform to anime or get an anime transformation, Show us your way to animate your face and body - cartoonify yourself Now!

Anime Face Changer Features:

Artistic photo editing: change appearances
Turn your face into an anime character
cartoon me
Pencil Sketch Art animation
Change yourself, cartoonify yourself
Create manga from image with anima stickers: selfie drawing
Transform to comics or cartoon characters
Become a cartoon drawing with cartoon avatar maker
Cartoons photos editor for animated avatar maker & artwork lovers
Art stickers for mobile & kawaii anime face changer

Animate your reality!

Category : Art & Design

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Reviews (30)

Vai. H. Jul 2, 2020     

I'm sorry but there is no animation effect on the picture as shown in the photos above, instead the few anime stickers in the app is very hard to adjust and keeps shifting every time I'm done. Some scenery effect for the pictures is even worse than what I have on my normal camera. The collage option does nothing! Worst experience.

Itz. T. Feb 7, 2021     

First off, everytime I was like clicking on the add button an ad would pop out. Its really very irritating. And moreover I couldn't find the filter that I needed. So yeah! I would love to give more rates if this app would come with instructions.

Esm. A. Mar 23, 2020     

This app really disappointed me. I just wanted to have some fun makeing cute, and funny animations. But, right when I opened the app, it started asking for money and for me to download other apps. I had to delete it after just a few seconds of it being installed. Please do not download it. IT IS JUNK!!!!

Ama. L. D. Jul 30, 2021     

Are you sure you want me to rate ur app? I'm thinking, No! If I could, I would give it 0 stars! From it's very detailed description, which they must have had confused with some other app, they say that you can quickly/easily, turn any photo into a anime cartoon/picture but it DOES NOT! Just updating this review, only because I just saw this app on the top charts at #236 (not surprised about how low it is). BUT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ON THERE AT ALL! WHAT IN THE WORLD is Google thinking?!?! LOL?!

Rhy. S. Jul 4, 2021     

The edit button doesn't work with many pictures. When you place a bow on a girls head, it often resets to the center of the picture when you press Done. The app clearly needs work.

OCC. P. &. R. Aug 27, 2021     

Not at all as described. It does not give you the option to turn your face into a cartoon which is LITERALLY THE COVER PHOTO for the app. All it does is gives you cartoon hair or accessories to paste on an existing picture.

Tsi. M. Jul 23, 2020     

I loved this app but picture makes it look cool and it's not that great . It is actually stickers and the stikers are not realistic. I just hope that they would will change the pics because it's fake I hate the app don't waste your data on this fake game😡😡😡😡100% false advertising I highly recommended this people updating up because it's not good at all you people should not waste your data on this

Cai. K. Apr 12, 2021     

No it dosent do what it says and shows it will plus it dosent even change your face to cartoon style and stuff it just gives you stickers.the pictures you see for tue apps icon and wuen it gives you pivs on how it looks well its completaly fake so i wouldnd wayste r time downloading it.mabey i just didnt look hard enough for it it im wrong but im quite positive its all a lie☹.if i could i would give it a 0 star raiting....hope this was helpfull to someone😊

Kni. R. Jun 4, 2020     

There is no cartoon feature also it says there is no WhatsApp on my device even thought there is and it works fine so I couldn't share what I made also it is just an editor but the on play store it says it is a cartoon face thing but no it's not so that needs to be changed or updated or something, ok bye... ps I gave it 2 stars just cause I didnt want to only give one cause I feel bad

kar. v. d. t. Oct 18, 2020     

I never give reviews, but this is an absolute waste of time! All it does is picture collages, stickers, basically everything my Samsung built in editor can do! So deceiving!

Tro. F. Jul 11, 2020     

Looks like a clone of another lieing app. Just a wimpy photo editor that's doesn't change really anything but the most basics. Not transformations.

DeR. B. Dec 17, 2020     

False advertisement. Deceives customers that it automatically converts an anime version of photo, but there is no such feature, rather only anime stickers to place in picture.

Miy. Jan 3, 2021     

This is so rubish if i could give it a 0 i would! It does NOT anime transform and i HATE it. It also takes up a lot of space i had to delete a bunch of apps just for this app not to work. If you are reading this do NOT install this app it is rubish and you will regret it.

Ale. N. May 24, 2022     

This game is horrible when you go to install it u see pictures of poeple are turned into anime but this is fake pictures it didn't work to be anime this game is bad

Mah. M. Dec 29, 2019     

It doesn't magically or manually transform your photo as in the icon at all, it's just a cheap filter applier that doesn't do much.

Ari. M. Jan 13, 2020     

Its an ok app but not what they advertise. You select the stickers that u want to pit on the picture and you can try to make your self into a animation.

Sar. M. Oct 20, 2020     

It does not have any animation effect instead it has stickers. Also it said you could make your own filters.

Sum. E. Jun 13, 2020     

Change your app features.. this is useless.. at first you guys are showing that it will completely convert the real picture into animated one but it's not happening inside the app .. even giving one star is too much for this app .😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

Cha. Apr 30, 2020     

It doesn't actually transform your face it just gives you filters, the picture and name of the app are so misleading.

Nup. K. Jul 14, 2020     

It says, cartoon. Where the hell is the cartoon effect? There is this whole rubbish inside. I should have read the views before installing this. Well, you guys suck! Least recommended! Please don't install this app if you are in search for a cartoon effect.

Sim. W. Sep 1, 2020     

There's no anime or whatsoever. This is very miserable. This is very bad , there's no sketching, there's no cartoon effect. Totally bad. Very bad.😠😠😤😭😭😠 Just wasted my data .I don't like it

Lia. M. Oct 15, 2020     

This is nothing like what the photos say, I am very disappointed but if u change the sample images to what it actually is you will get lots more higher rating .

alo. n. Nov 10, 2021     

This app is used as to not use this app if you use this this will be a wastage of your time and I want to say that it is the lamest app I have ever used there are so many problems there are problem of ADS are so many ads and I don't like as it was irritating

Chr. B. May 15, 2021     

SERIOUSLY !!! I uninstalled this the minute i got it.... you don't have scans and you just put the stickers on YOURSELF. Im so disappointed... i thought the app was very cute and nice but it isn't 😠

sha. p. May 30, 2020     

There's no such thing like anime transformation!! It's just like an photo editor!! Waste of tym guys!!top of that such an annoying apps for every 2mins

Hei. R. Jan 3, 2021     

They should have finished designing the app before they put it on Play Store. And I was forced to watch about 15 ads for other apps, so I'll be sure to never download any of them.😬

Mar. G. Aug 24, 2020     

This app was a waste of time, it was a collage maker rather than the anime maker, very disappointing. I gave one star as rating to be able to post otherwise no star whatsoever

Jos. L. Feb 19, 2022     

It was horrible. Not as explained. I could bearly even make myself look like an anime character. DON'T install this app. Trust me its NOT WORTH IT

Ram. M. Dec 21, 2019     

Anime Transformation is an Amazing app to makeup and cartoonify your images very easily. It's a easy to use app which can anybody use and transform their images.

Aye. M. G. T. Mar 4, 2021     

if only i could rate this 0 star. This has ugly frames, lights, and texture. And it even has layout. But there's no anime face filter. tsk.