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Anon - Ask Friends

Anon is a Q&A-based social network where users can ask questions from each other and everyone can answer them.

It’s the best way to get information from your friends or anyone else. Ask questions with or without your name: the best thing is, you don’t need to wait until they see it. If somebody else also knows the answer, they can leave a response, even anonymously

Category : Lifestyle

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Reviews (22)

Kat. M. Apr 22, 2019     

it keeps crashing every time i try opening it then it say the app stop working

Abd. I. Dec 20, 2019     

It is good but people shouldn't have to sign in to send tells.

Ose. P. S. Nov 24, 2018     

I have not been able to use your app is only my profile I can see nothing else

DJ. R. Dec 11, 2018     

Useless app And does not shows anything

A. G. u. Nov 4, 2018     

There is fun and it's interesting

A. G. u. Nov 23, 2018     

I'm now want to use it but it's nice app

A. G. u. Dec 19, 2018     

Worst application ever... Downloaded in my devise

A. G. u. Dec 3, 2018     

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rag. a. May 23, 2020     

I can't even log in

Haq. T. Nov 26, 2018     

I think this is helpful to connected relation.

Aki. A. Dec 18, 2018     

Allow direct access to the girls.

Pri. Nov 7, 2018     

it's too good...

A. G. u. Dec 6, 2018     

It is a good app

A. G. u. Dec 3, 2018     

I this this app is helpful

son. a. v. Nov 16, 2018     

Wastes of time & internet

may. x. A. Jun 18, 2019     

i couldn't delete my account

Gid. A. Nov 4, 2018     

Wow this is crazy anon

A. G. u. Nov 18, 2018     

What is this

A. G. u. Dec 17, 2018     


A.A. Jun 1, 2018     

Well im waiting for the update where we dont have to use facebook to login rather then that the app is great

Jen. N. Jun 24, 2018     


Ais. A. Apr 22, 2017     

Great app, but needs to let us log in by email or phone number not everyone uses facebook, I literally had to create a fake fb acc for this lmao😂