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Antivirus & Security (AppLock)

Mobile Security & Antivirus is the antivirus malware protection application best android phone. Mobile Security & Antivirus protects your phone from viruses, malware.
Mobile Security & Antivirus is best speed and secure application feature phones with fast and best antivirus # 1, is trusted by many technology experts use 7 Antivirus applications to protect their phones. Not only is the antivirus for android phones free software is also a management application networking apps, android garbage, saving battery fast charging. A faster antivirus app to speed your phone up, antivirus security cleaner and booster for free.

7Mobile Security & Antivirus application protection is anti virus protection for android, protects your phone safe from viruses, malware, spyware, malware. Use anti-virus software for android phone, you can play games, watch videos or access online social networking safety with protection features wifi, wifi security management and a wifi connection. Support to 360 virus cleaner, virus cleaner, virus detector and remover, virus removal for android.

★ Best antivirus and mobile security: With anti-virus technology is appreciated by professionals. You can rest assured when using virus scanners to scan 360 degrees virus, anti-virus on your device helps remove viruses, remove all viruses.

★ 24/7 real-time protection: Applications virus scanner and remover for android free protects your phone from potential threats, phone security anti malware and virus protection free. Antivirus features are enabled phones 24/24 protects your phone wherever you are, free virus scan and fix for android

★ App lock and Gallery vault: Supports app lock with password protects your privacy and your personal data. App locker with password for android, applock for android and applock security.

★ Junk cleaner and Memory booster: Your phone becomes sluggish after one-time use use the garbage phone software to speed up the telephone, cache cleaner and task killer and antivirus and junk cleaner. Cleaner memory booster clear cache clean all junk in phone app

★ Clean master Speed booster: Stop applications running in the background & memory booster ram optimizer, speed up phone. Liberation software will help increase ram, anti virus malware ram cleaner.

★ Security Wifi
- Manage network : Detect rogue Wi-Fi network, the phone online protection by detecting behavior DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and hijacking SSL. Especially this application manages test data network speeds on both cellular networks 3 /4G/5G and WiFi, wifi network tools, internet booster for android. Free wifi security apps for android

★ Battery Saver & Doctor: With battery saver and task killer app features integrated applications help speed battery charger and the best savings. All in one battery saver cleaner, antivirus with battery saver and cleaner.

Features mobile virus protection:

- A good virus protection for my phone, free virus remover for android
- Antivirus cleaner and booster all in one app for android phone
- Battery doctor and fast charging, free battery fast charge apps with lock screen saver
- Cooler master cool down phone junk cleaner
- Scan for viruses and junk phone
- Internet speed meter on status bar, wifi manager android
- Best app locker for android mobile in 2016
- Best cache and junk cleaner for android
- Security lock for all of the apps on my phone, app protector lock my apps
- Best antivirus and malware removal, best phone anti spyware anti virus and security
- Best antivirus and mobile security and ram cleaner apps
- Free (Ads)

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