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OpenPGP for Android. It's open source and its goal is to provide a similar OpenPGP implementation as GnuPG.
NOTE: BACK UP YOUR SECRET KEYS! Preferably before updating. There were many database changes. If something goes wrong, then email me... the keys can be recovered in that case.

A fork of APG called OpenKeychain added most of the new features, which have now been merged back into APG.APG development is active again and I'm mostly working on the implementation of PGP/MIME now.

* Fix K-9 integration that was broken in 1.1.0
* Merge OpenKeychain development back into APG
* new drawer layout (touch top left icon)
* KeyRing without private master key Import
* QR key sharing
* NFC key sharing
* colorized fingerprints
* K-9 support
* bugfixes

* manage secret/public keys (eg. GPG/PGP)
* encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify emails and files
* integration with K9
* HKP Keyserver support
* basic key creation and editing possible
* Intent API for other apps

Please rate it and suggest features you want.

Source code is GPLv3 and can be found here: https://github.com/thialfihar/apg

Category : Communication

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