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App Locker

App Locker is the most secured and light weighted app.
App Locker lock
- unlock any types of files you want to protect from unauthorised person and provide app locking function.


➢ Lock the apps App Locker lock the apps which you want to prevent unauthorized access and make it secure.

➢ File Lock App Locker can lock your all types of files like data files, images files, videos files etc. To lock the file we used encode
- decode technique which was the best way to protect.

➢ Share encrypted file User can share encrypted files and code with friends, to decrypt use shared code.

➢ Light weight and fast App is light weight by app size and RAM memory, fastest performance than other apps.

➢ Hide App Locker icon User can hide the icon of App Locker so other unauthorized can't see/open .

➢ Easy file lock-unlock File lock
- unlock with single click and simple UI to better understand.

➢ Multiple pattern and pin themes Multiple Pattern and pin themes to set screen according to user choice. User can also select any image as a background.

➢ New installed app lock alert At the time of install new app, App Locker will give alert to lock new installed with single click.

***How to Use ***

To lock app
- Open App
- Select app which you want from list
- Done

Change Pattern or Pin
- Open App
- Go to Menu
- Select change lock

Protect Uninstall
- Go to Menu
- Setting
- Enable Device admin

Hide App Icon
- Go to Menu
- Setting
- Start
- enable start with call
- Hide icon
- done

Show App Icon
- Call #12345 (default no. is #12345 user can change from setting )
- open app
- Go to Menu
- Setting
- Disable hide icon
- done

File Lock
- Open app
- Go to Menu
- File Lock
- Browse file
- tap file
- tap Lock icon
- done

File Unlock
- Open app
- Go to Menu
- File Lock
- Browse Locked file
- tap file
- tap Unlock icon
- done


Get tasks
- To apply lock on selected apps.Vibrate
- Vibrate on pattern, pin for hepatic feedback. Receive boot complete
- For restart the locking process.Process outgoing calls
- To hid-show app icon on fix no. callRead external storage
- To lock selected file.Manage documents
- To get photo path.System alert window
- For showing app lock screen on locked apps.Package usage states -To get managed states for android version 5.0 and upper.Write external storage
- For unlocking files.

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