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App Sync

This app can sync up app data between multiple phones and tablets in 1-click. It can help:
* Run app seamless on different phones/tablets. Playing game or reading book on one phone, then continue on the others.
* Migrate app data from old phone to new phone.
* Backup and restore app data automatically.
* Share app data with your family and friends. A book, interesting photo, link, anything else in an app. And it's using your own Dropox storage to process app data in the cloud, never worry about data lost.
* ROOT permission
* Have a Dropbox account

* App data in cloud
* Sync up app data in 1-click and automatically (PRO version)
* Multiple apps can be synchronized
* Automatic sync-up
* Conflict options to resolve different data version on different places
* Wifi only option

Usage:1. Link to Dropbox. 2. Add apps to sync-up list. Click Add icon to load installed apps, select multiple apps and click "OK" to add them to sync-up list.3. Sync up apps

Disclaimer: Dropbox and logo is belong to Dropbox company. AppSync and Appsync Pro do not associate with Dropbox company and don't get approval from Dropbox to use any of it trademarks

Category : Productivity

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Reviews (30)

Sea. Aug 10, 2017     

creates empty folders in Dropbox and does not upload data. App probably has some potential though.

Pau. H. Apr 8, 2017     

Good app but would like alternative cloud storage options. I think google drive is the obvious choice but I'd even settle for a local folder and then move it manually.

Con. May 3, 2016     

Installed this app and a dialogue box comes up saying "App sync cannot get root permission" waste of my time.

Die. V. Oct 18, 2016     

It says the app cannot get root permission and it won't give you instructions of how to resolve it

Sha. u. H. Nov 9, 2015     

I don't have rooted phone.

Kad. C. Mar 7, 2016     

I rooted ipad and it works for gamekiller :)$$$

Ash. P. Aug 14, 2016     

Waste of time

Joa. B. Oct 25, 2014     

on startup gives an error about root permission, then closes. uninstall

joh. D. Feb 11, 2015     

Doesn't work on the s3.it keeps saying cant find root permission then shuts Down "Great!

Dyl. H. May 20, 2015     

You just need to root your device with pc

Hug. H. Aug 30, 2014     

Love it

Ste. Z. Aug 1, 2014     

Installed on two devices, both linked to Dropbox. It pretends to work. Nothing transferred. Checked in Dropbox. It created an empty folder. HUGE WASTE OF TIME

Ton. S. Jun 13, 2014     

Cannot get root permission and no documentation saying how to resolve it

Lan. D. May 13, 2014     

Cannot get root permissions - should not be in play store ...

Dog. h. May 15, 2014     

Needs to be rooted how the hell do I do that?

Phy. F. May 15, 2014     

You should put in the description that your device has to be rooted...one star for getting my hopes up :(

Mic. J. Mar 14, 2014     

Gdrive should be supported aswell as box or skydrive etc

JR. B. Dec 9, 2013     

Runs ads when the app is shut down that are very difficult to close. Extremely annoying!

Lun. C. Sep 17, 2013     

Didn't Work for plants vs zombies

A. G. u. Dec 27, 2013     

A good apps for sync problem.

MAT. C. Feb 10, 2013     

Would really like to try this app but wont let me test it out

Ada. M. Jul 13, 2015     

I really do like this app, there is a desperate need for something like this on the Play Store ... But it really needs a sync option that updates based on newest changes rather than just upload, download, or with approval.

CHA. N. Feb 6, 2018     

Someone really have my system mess up

an. P. C. Aug 3, 2017     

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Deb. S. Mar 5, 2015     

Love it is great

Her. M. May 9, 2015     

Waste of time

Aar. J. Jan 4, 2015     

Like it should.

Mar. D. Nov 12, 2014     

Useless. Does nothing

Cha. L. Feb 4, 2014     

Device has to be rooted

M. M. Dec 27, 2013     

What good is that?