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Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

The Big HUGThank you guys for fueling this App swiftly up the charts
- 1 Million + DownloadsYour : ) smiles & feedback are the real contribution towards the awesomeness of this App.
The AppLooking for perfect security app for your phone?Worried about a friend borrowing your phone to play games?Tensed about private data in some apps may be read by your colleagues?Troubled coz your kids pay for unwanted games/apps & mess up your phone's settings ?

So, you must try this App to experience the security, performance & style, that leads the race. Your stuff should be private to you & not be the matter of interest for anyone else ; )

'App Lock & Gallery Hider' that can lock any system or downloaded app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy. It is the One App that's enough to take care of all your phone's privacy needs!

Here's what to expect from this amazing security APP:-

Smart Features✔ Locks System Apps✔ Locks Downloaded Apps ✔ Locks Advanced Apps
- Settings, Task manager, etc.✔ Hides Photos & Videos✔ Encrypts Media✔ Hide the App's Icon from main menu✔ Widget for quick locking/unlocking✔ Cannot be uninstalled or killed by intruders

Security Features✔ 2 Locks
- Pin and Pattern✔ Double Door
- 2 Locks to enter protected Apps✔ Sleep Timer
- Set a short time to disable Password✔ Easy Transfer
- Allows easy jumping from one protected app to the other✔ Break in Alerts
- A watchdog for intruders✔ Hide Pin/Pattern
- Hides Pin/Pattern from Password page✔ Random Keypad
- Shuffles the Keys on Password page

Hi-Tech Features1. App Icon Visible/Invisible
- Hides the App's own Icon from the Menu2. Install Apps Lock
- Auto Prompts to confirm lock for New Installations3. Private Camera
- Photos & Videos auto saved in the hidden section

What's Special● Rich & Intelligent features ● Easy to understand ● Fast & Smooth Performance ● Clear design & theme● Punch of animations ● Fully Loaded Features ● Phone Resource friendly ● Widget for quick locking/unlocking

* FAQSome problems are common and easy to resolve, check if these help:

1.Recover PasswordGo to a locked App>Password Page>Tap on 'Menu' icon>Click on 'Forgot Password?'>Enter Registered Email ID to reset

2.Hide / Unhide App IconGo to the App>Main Page>Press 'App Icon
- Visible/Hidden' button to Hide / Unhide App from Phone's main menu

3.Launching App in 'Hidden Icon Mode'Go to Settings > Open the app > Click on Manage spaceClick on go into the application button > After the app launches click on App Icon Invisible button

4.Block Un-install of this App by intrudersGo to Apps Lock>'Advanced' tab>>Un-install Lock>OK, Activate>Locked!

5.Un-install this AppGo to Apps Lock>Click the Menu Icon on Top Right>Press Uninstall App

Ads & InappThis Smart App contains superb locking & hider tools, thus please consider that it contains in-app purchases to unlock some Pro Features via Mewards (Real & Virtual Money)

Benefits of Mewards
- Become a Premium user for free with Amazing offers.
- Use earned coins to unlock all Pro features.
- Track the status of your Credit Points.

* Support:
- support@migital.comFor any kind of help or confusion, simply write to us, and we would happily resolve your problems in a quick friendly manner. Kindly do not leave us any negative stars, we're here to help. Thanks : )

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