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APS Status

This app provides high-level status information and notifications for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory. The information is updated at ~1 minute intervals. Swipe horizontally or use tabs to change views.There's a selection of home-screen widgets with beam current and other high-level parameters. Color is used to indicate a problem. Clicking on the widget brings up the full app.If the large (2x1) widget is used, it posts information to the notification bar and also optionally provides audible alerts. The alerts are configured via the menus in the main application interface.Permissions required: network access is required in order to retrieve the information from the APS web server. There are no ads.Note: your screen will stay on and unlocked as long as this application is in the foreground.Credit: icon image uses rendering from Advanced Photon Source.A paper describing this application is http://accelconf.web.cern.ch/AccelConf/PAC2013/papers/tupsm26.pdf

Category : Education

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Reviews (1)

A. G. u. Nov 22, 2014     

Nice improvement over the original! As the author of the original app, I recommend that everyone switch to this official version, as I will no longer be supporting the original version.