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APSRTC is committed to provide consistently high quality of services and to continuously improve the services through a process of teamwork for the utmost satisfaction of the passengers and to attain a position of pre-eminence in the Bus Transport sector.
The APSRTC APP is Official Mobile Application, includes:
- APSRTC OPRS Online Ticket Booking
- Ticket Cancellation
- APSRTC e-Wallet, Online Passenger Reservation & Cancellation
- Live Tracking Long journey Buses.
- Live Tracking City Buses.

Category : Maps & Navigation

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Reviews (30)

A. M. Mar 16, 2022     

I strongly recommend don't book bus tickets with this app, it is having multiple bugs. Even after writting feedback (mailed) they are not taking any action, and you don't get full amount return back if ticket not book due to their technical issues.

Vam. O. Jan 15, 2022     

This is a nice app, but the first pic of explanation in demo of home page was not like showing in the play store. In the app it is showing only few options just without city tracking and live tracking. Better to merge the apps of live tracking and this one adding routes of village transport into it followed by their live tracking.

kar. k. Jan 18, 2019     

The worst application I have ever experienced. The back button is not working properly. I think you don't care about the feedback we give. You never try to change the bugs the users facing. The web application far better than the application.

Sha. D. Oct 28, 2018     

Do some basic testing prior to release. I see minor bug fixes as latest release note. But you guys have released with major bugs. The payment screen always blinks and gets lost after a while. And some times the home screen shows black magic. Should this be an app??

nag. v. Oct 4, 2018     

Actually you are updating through the issues. It's fine but some times this app not shows any information about buses I thing the conductor or driver switched off the locator. Finally Apsrtc try to hard to improve there services and some conductors or drivers not going through. Thank you.

sre. y. Mar 12, 2019     

worst app i have seen ever. Not good UI interface, redirection issues.... not getting ticket confirmed or not from the app one payment done until we receive a confirmation message. Seems like a basic version but was started publishing 3 years ago.

RAI. S. Jan 6, 2021     

App is not working efficiently. It wont even show the list of timing of buses and keep redirecting to first page whatever option you click on. Worst experience. It was working better a year ago.

Apa. A. Jan 11, 2022     

This app doesn't function properly. It has twice debited money, but not giving ticket even once. The date chart where we check transaction is only- 2020 year as last year option. 😐 My journey and my money are locked now. Whether people are really getting tickets here, is a big question I want an answer for?

Pra. Y. Jan 13, 2019     

Worst app. Unable to partial cancel the tickets. I have booked two tickets and one of them was in waiting list. When i try to cancel the unconfirmed ticket, it had cancelled the other confirmed ticket also. I lost rs.500 with this service.

HAJ. G. Dec 19, 2021     

Simply developing and releasing the app in to play store is not a big achievement. But it should be user friendly and instant updates with problem resolving only makes happy customers. Mobile verification OTP is not getting for so many attempts. Then what is the use to keep this app in play store, even it can't use for public or any users...???

18-. L. Oct 7, 2020     

Don't use this app, it always fails to book tickets. It cuts money and never returns. It don't even give a confirmation whether it's booked or not, leaving you in confusion. I don't recommend this app. This app can only be used to check schedules, and nothing more than that. I installed this app few years ago and never got an update, which means app developer don't care about the app anymore. It works as the same junk from years. If you need to book use APSRTC website from browser or other app.

Mam. K. Feb 29, 2020     

Became worst after updation. Old app is better than this. There are no information about scheduled total buses and under currently running head it is showing no trips available. After updation it become useless. Previous one much more better than this one.

Tho. V. R. Sep 2, 2019     

It's work some what just... Only. Number of flaws are there. When adding amount to wallet will not update upto 1 or 2 days after only write mail to them. And secondly, the live track not work properly, it will show only 1st journey but not will show return journey live track. Now a days nber of websites providing smartphone enabled apps but still It will not work some functions in mobiles.

raj. p. Feb 21, 2019     

I have been using the app ever since it is launched. Had some technical issues initially but never faced any issue over the last 5 to 6 years...APSRTC is not providing driver number these days but understsndably so..using cell phone while driving is not correct. I would have given 5 star if customer support is properly picking the calls of the customer..live tracking is good and I can always rely on it..so far the drivers are very polite especially the drivers from north costal districts..

Gan. R. Nov 7, 2020     

Tracking services not working at all. It has to be developed lot. Earlier tracking services was good but unfortunately they have changed the app now facing lot of issues in tracking the bus location

HAR. R. Apr 22, 2022     

Booking in advance is good..... Please fix bugs.... Please provide Good user interface ..... Seeing old interface is getting bore..... Make some state Cultures pictures to be reflect in the app background interface.....

A. G. u. Oct 21, 2018     

Payment process is not maintained properly. During the process of adding money to APSRTC wallet, when I entered the card details, Page was not loading and blank page was coming. It's really a good app but maintenance is worst and if I get chance to give less than 1 rating I definitely would prefer that.

div. p. Mar 12, 2021     

After booking the ticket , it wont show the ticket history but the amount will be debited fromt the account .we need to login multiple times even though we didn't close the app. The worst experience.

tri. c. Oct 20, 2018     

Worst app. App works fine till payment. At the time of entering card details it fails to load the page. I tried so may times always it works like that. No improvement in the app. Worst maintainance

Pāv. H. D. May 8, 2022     

Super lagging very headache app, it lags in every direction. It shows how poor the AP government is, it can't afford a good app for India's one most oldest road transportation org.

Sat. P. R. May 6, 2022     

Worst application. There were many issues. Tracking, feedback, cancel ticket option not working.

Sri. V. May 8, 2022     

Worst app.. i experienced payment problem.. and also login problem. Ticket issue is very difficult.. i think apsrtc not considered any reviews and instructions.. small apps also give good service. But the big apsrtc not done properly.

Uda. K. L. Sep 27, 2018     

Reserved a ticket with this app and payment was successful but ticket was not issued. On contacting their support, I get a partial refund which excludes payment gateway charges. Charges for no ticket purchase and stupidity of app. Punishing customers for bugs in this app. I would not recommend using this app for ticket reservation.

Kir. K. Jan 5, 2020     

After new update i didn't get our local RTC bus information. Older version much better than new version. Who maintain this app i don't know may be they didn't read what user's sent feedback. I Hope u developer's include local RTC bus information also. If you didn't upload no need to use ur app.

Gop. K. Dec 28, 2019     

Don't know what happened. Suddenly not working after login🤷. Very slow. Please update or use better servers. And also UI is very dull and difficult to use.

SAI. S. P. C. Mar 11, 2022     

If it's having zero stars, I would have given that. I have booked a ticket but it has not booked and they not refunded my money till now. Apart from this after payment I haven't received any confirmation from APSRTC app about ticket status.

Lal. R. Apr 16, 2022     

Very pathetic service. Website will take around 5 min to open each page. Once we have opened tracking service it is showing at ur mobile is attacked with virus. No proper response for the bookings done if the bus is late

cha. 2. Apr 16, 2022     

Lot of bugs. Sample one.. tap on track service on homepage and try to come back. You cannot.

Sur. C. K. Mar 11, 2022     

it is a worst app, it is not give any results, i opened the app for tack the bus, i gave service number, but it is showing please wait for moment till one hour, it is not give any results still it going on please wait moment, it is a awful app, i never use again .

Mah. n. Sep 4, 2020     

Very worst customer service provided. And the ticket booking experience is also bad. Money got debited from my account and the ticket was not booked and I haven't received any refund for that also. Instead of booking buy tickets offline.