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Diary to track your periodic fish tank maintenance. As an example this could be water change, measure water values or the weekly cleanup of your filter (check out the feature list).
Please give me feedback about features you miss or any bugs you find. Send your feedback to android@mihatsch.biz. Thanks!

- Record the following tasks:
* Water change
* Feedings
* Measure water values
* Notes
* Adding fertilizer
* Cleanup
- Task Reminder
- Backup on the SD card

No ads!No internet connection needed!

Planned features:
- Add pictures to notes

Keywords:Aquarium Manager, Aquarium Logger, Aquarium Tools, fish tank, aq diary, water

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Eri. G. Dec 29, 2019     

Not bad, but gets low marks for inability to change measurements from metric to standard. I emailed the developer with questions but got zero response. Clicking on the link results in an error message. I will be uninstalling this app.

Kri. K. May 18, 2019     

Great and simple app. Does all what you need to manage multiple aquariums. Android Widget would be useful (shows latest notes)

Wil. W. Sep 19, 2018     

I mostly manage my Co2 tank refill schedule with this app. I also keep a log of filter maintenance. It's better than comparable apps in the marketplace.

Ger. V. Jun 18, 2019     

easy to use. room to improve for eg water change by quantity not percentage, tank dimensions, fish stock etc

LAl. C. Jun 22, 2019     

Great app and just what I was looking for! Definitely a must have if you have multiple tanks!

Elt. B. Nov 20, 2019     

Very nice... Just like to save pictures of fish and tanks with dates on this app

Gur. \. Apr 9, 2020     

Best one... Simple and does the job... Recommended ...... Was looking for the similar app. Thanks AqDairy Awesome 👍

sat. Sep 26, 2021     

Nice app, please add functionality reports to download in pdf format

Bre. W. Oct 25, 2020     

Great app, easy to use highly recommended.

Nig. S. Jun 11, 2019     

love it

joh. w. Mar 21, 2018     

Great for recording and tracking aquarium maintenance. Would be nice to have an option of customising your own categories and as someone else mentioned, adding pictures to the logs

Mik. T. Sep 2, 2018     

Excellent app for tracking and reminding aquarium maintenance. Would love option of changing units of measure for example dKh or ppm

Kyl. H. Feb 6, 2018     

I've been using this App for a good few months now and its really useful to manage your maintenance schedule. I'm not getting app notifications at the moment on Oreo following the recent update. Might be just me though.

R. A. Sep 13, 2017     

I am currently fishless cycling 3 aquariums, finished with 1, and this app has really helped me get organized. I love the fact that I can go back and correct something or go back if I forget to write an entry. This app is easy to use has features I like and actually use.

Mor. H. Aug 17, 2016     

Great app! However I am having a issue of being able to delete and add different tanks, I used to be able to but ever since I added a 6th tank to it I no longer have the option to delete or add, which I need to do and I'd really hate to have to uninstalled and reinstall it and lose all my logs for my other tanks..

Bri. Aug 30, 2016     

Love the reminder on this app and the app is easy to use.

Luk. C. Apr 16, 2016     

Would be great if you could add picture options, would be great to document changes of design with pictures or adding new fish. Otherwise great app. :)

Mic. B. Mar 14, 2016     

Great app for tracking maintenance on multiple tanks

Gra. S. Dec 29, 2013     

I'm new to this app but so far I like it. Especially for being able to set reminders and being able keep track of what maintenance is already done.

Ist. U. Dec 17, 2013     

I installed this little app 2 months ago and I use it like every day. The only problem I noticed is when you are editing logs you created before. Little tricky to scroll down in long texts.

gra. j. Mar 22, 2014     

Easy to use. Needs graphs and picture/camera function :) would be real nice to be able to document with pictures. Maybe even video :)

Sim. T. Mar 8, 2016     

Really great app, nice and simple and does everything I need to record water, filter changes etc

All. H. Nov 7, 2013     

Very good app for keeping track of your fish tanks love the ability to be able to keep track of multiple tanks keeps all my records in one place for taking care of my fish and tanks must have for any beginner novice,expert, or fish tank enthusiast very simple and easy to use

Jes. M. Dec 6, 2014     

This app is a breeze to use and well lpve its simplicity. Thanks

Chr. G. Nov 3, 2013     

Easy to use and I find it invaluable. Thanks to the developer for making a really useful app.

Dav. V. Nov 15, 2013     

Thank you for the good easy app! I love it, it's simple and effective. I wish we could keep track of when we added fish or plants, maybe also some graphs for progression! Extra star for being free.

ste. l. Apr 12, 2015     

Great little app.Just what ive been looking for.

Iza. S. Dec 31, 2013     

It is very usefull and very well structured.

Ces. C. May 27, 2013     

Excellent diary for keeping logs of aquarium parameters. Was missing the Salinity entry but was fixed with the last update. Now if we could have the option of Fahrenheit with the next update

Mar. A. Feb 25, 2013     

You can have a diary for multiple tanks. You can do 2 things, add an entry or add a reminder. All of the current features seem to be working fine. This app is definitely very useful. Can't wait for the planned features of backup and photo attachment! :-D