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Aqua Controller

Application for remote control of aquarium controller. Full description of the assembly configuration and firmware: http://aquacontroller.ru

• Clock. time and date indication.
• Management aquarium loads from 4 to 8 channels.
• Up to 10 daily timer program.
• Up to 10 hourly timer programs. With a range of duration of operation of up to 60 minutes.
• Up to 10 single-second timer. With a range of duration of operation from 1 to 255 seconds.
• Supports up to 8 digital sensors temperatury2. 3-wire bus.
• Measuring temperature in the range of 16 ... 35 degrees. measurement resolution 0.125 ° C. Ability to control the load (heater / cooler) to any output channel.
• The battery for the clock MC. Preservation of the clock.
• Automatically save in non-volatile memory all settings (except the clock) at full power off and low battery.
• control device through a 2-axis joystick.
• Displays information on the LCD display 20 * 4 with minimal cuts, intuitive interface.
• Communicate with your smartphone on the Android OS on Wi-Fi. Additional software for quick programming of the timer, thermostat, time synchronization.
• Remote command control by means of Wi-Fi in the local network (or the Internet at a certain network equipment).
• Self synchronizing and updating the system time in the presence of an access device to the Internet. Or remote synchronization via smartphone.
• tracking function for the deviation of sensor readings from the average set point with audible alarm and display alarm sensor.
• Load switching (filter) by pressing a button 5 or 30 minutes (temporary filter off).
• The tracking and reporting of water level (overflow).

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