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Aqua LED

By using this app,you can regulate the smart light(light with our smart hardware system)as you wish to be more suitable for the specific purpose or special environment. There are two main functions can be realized in the system. First,you can control the smart light to be brighter or darker. Besides you can set the timer to turn on/off the smart light. More modes in the App to be chosen to make your light more special and funny.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (2)

Lia. N. Feb 22, 2020     

This is the correct app out of the two to use for the coral box moon led plus. You have to connect to your normal wifi, then connect to your normal wifi through the app, then search of devices and select the light. Took me ages to work that out. Don't connect to the lamp direct.

Wae. M. May 27, 2017     

i have a big problem with this controller and i don't know the problem from software or hardware there is Delay time between this app and my mobile every day I open an app and touch the time long touch to Fix the time and I have do that every moment.