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The must-have tool for Reefers, now available as App:
(If the app is installed on a device in which the system language is not "German", the app switches to the "English" language)

- Documentation of water parameters as chart or table

- Realistic estimation of salt amount needed for your next „water change“ or „adaptation of salt content“ based on values measured with test sets / reference solutions typically used by aquarists.

- Tank specific dosing of nutrients (Nitrate und Phosphate)

- Balling Calculator: Forget about expensive water conditioners! Aqua Calculator calculates stoichiometric exact dosage of so called Balling salts (2/3 part recipes) and als standard solutions for adaptation of Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesia.

- Conversion of measured values for reef tanks

- Detailed Preferences for measurement tools used, as well as Balling recipes.

- Mini-FAQ: Answers the most important questions for adaptation of water values.

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Reviews (11)

Jor. R. Jun 13, 2021     

With all the products out there, and brands this app is a real solution if you dont want mess around with your reef thank ,works whit all products, all brands and its accurate.

Joh. H. Apr 19, 2020     

Bit of trouble getting the app to register but the developer responds quickly to questions and sorted it out.

Jer. T. Apr 21, 2019     

a much better version is on ios

Art. M. May 13, 2018     

Translations are more german than english :) Please note that it cannot be used in Android 7. Disclaimer window has no option to close and use the app

Ada. C. Dec 26, 2017     

Great for tracking water parameters

Dub. M. May 1, 2014     

One of the few great aquarium trackers. Glad to see its getting updates again. Keep it coming dev!!!

Ale. W. May 28, 2015     

It's a shame it doesn't connect to the acloud

A. G. u. Mar 1, 2014     

The best parameter tracking app I've found for Android! Would love to see some more American supplements like B Ionic added. Although the salt list is already extensive! Also would like the option for making salinity adjustments based on the salinity of the new water being mixed as opposed to the weight of the salt to be added. I don't have a scale that accurate.

A. G. u. Nov 7, 2011     

This software is well known among reefers, and finally it comes to Android. Given the usefulness of this tool it is well worth buying. Since v1.3 compatibility for Honeycomb devices has been greatly improved. Five stars.

Dub. M. Apr 21, 2014     

Good program, could be awesome (5star) if the app was updated. Some things are still not translated to English, everyone with a REEF aquarium should know anyway.

Dam. K. Jan 7, 2013     

To have. Has everything I need...