AQUAEL AQU@RIUM is intelligent home control system from AQUAEL. App is your mobile controller, enabling you to access all connected devices. Each module works individually in three modes. Local connection, direct connection, internet connection. AQUAEL AQU@RIUM for the iPhone/iPad allows you to monitor, control and configure your system. Connect to your Aquael device from anywhere in the world and review your current and past status using an intuitive user interference. No matter where you are, aquarium is under control.


The stylish and technologically advanced LEDDY SLIM LINK lamp is intended for use in open aquariums (tanks without a lid), freshwater as well as marine. Carefully selected light-emitting diodes provide perfect lighting, create a unique visual effect, and ensure optimum living conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium. The lamp is made of corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean glass. Thanks to its flat, futuristic design and fashionable colour, the lamp will fit perfectly in any modern aquarium tank and will look great in any interior.The new LEDDY SLIM LINK lamp can emit light of three different colour temperatures. In effect, it is three lamps in one. Thanks to the Wi-Fi module, you can use an iOS application to set the lamp to operate in one of the following three modes: SUNNY (colour temperature of 6500 K) or PLANT (8000 K) for freshwater aquariums, including plant aquariums, and MARINE (colour temperature of 10000 K) for marine aquariums. The user can also choose a custom colour. The lamp can be mounted on a tank that is 80-100 cm (32 W), 100-120 cm (36 W) wide on a tank wall that is up to 16 mm thick. Thanks to the use of light-emitting diodes, the LEDDY SLIM LINK lamps do not require frequent replacement and consume only about half as much power as regular fluorescent lamps. The maximum settings for lamp 36 W for individual colours are as follows: red – 8 W, blue – 5 W, white – 34 W. To prevent overheating, the software will not let you set a colour temperature such that the light power would be greater than 36 W. The maximum settings for lamp 32 W for individual colours are as follows: red – 7 W, blue – 4 W, white – 30 W. To prevent overheating, the software will not let you set a color temperature such that the light power would be greater than 32 W

LEDDY SLIM LINK is a modern lamp intended for use in aquariums. It can be controlled via the Internet by means of a dedicated iOS application installed on an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPad touch). The device can be upgraded through the mobile application (Aquael AQU@RIUM). It can be paired with a WiFi router using a WPS button. After the device is powered on and the status LED goes steady red, press the "RESET/WPS" button on the lamp and the "WPS" button of the router. The status LED will first go out and then, after 10-15 seconds, turn back on with a green light. After downloading and installing the "AQUAEL AQU@RIUM" application, you will see a new device in the device list.

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Reviews (6)

Jon. E. Jan 26, 2022     

It takes a while to get familiar with the settings, but it works very well.

Eli. H. Dec 30, 2021     

I loved my Aquael thermometer link smart thermometer for the first few months BUT after having it tell me several times the tank temperature is (minus) -127'c ? and Sending several messages to Aquael with no answer. it work fine again UNTIL today when my tank overheated KILLING 3 FISH so called "smart" thermometer was back to -127'c and not sending notifications My $1000 plus Aquael collection is going in the bin and I'm back to INKBIRD for reliability and CUSTOMER SERVICE. 🖕

Men. D. Dec 22, 2020     

Terrible product. I have 3 aquael leddy slim 36W lights. Two work fine. The third loses connection with my wifi, changes color theme from plant to sunny on its own. Aquael support team are terrible. Email them 4 times and no response.

Ale. G. Aug 13, 2019     

Terrible app, bad product. The Leddy Slim Link is supposed to fit 120cm tanks. Well if you're fine with big parts that aren't lit, this might be true. The worst part is the lamp is very noisy from cheap conductors. The translation of the app is very bad. I've expected more from an european company.

Jak. M. Aug 14, 2021     

This app does not work with the newest devices. I bought the Leddy smart 2 and was disappointed to discover that it can not connect to it. If it was made so it would work with my lamp I will increase the rating.

Geo. T. Jun 21, 2021     

Didn't even find the light, expected user to jump through hoops troubleshooting when the light itself didn't connect...nope not messing on..., bought a timer from b&m works much better