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Aqua-Grow LED Control is designed to work with the TC360 LED Controller from Aqua-Grow to control your Aquarium Light.

You can set up your daily LED schedule for six different Channels with 20 Times each channel. Also, you can control the LED intensity manually for each channel and control intensity for Thunderstorm and Cloud simulation. For editing you have a Graphical view and can set it up by Time Steps. Connection Mode can be setup up over WiFi to self hosted Access Point or the most comfortable way: By integration to your home Network. Enjoy your Aquarium with a 24 Hour schedule, Clouds, Lightning, Moonlight with lunar phase and make your Fish happy!

Aqua-Grow Aqua Grow Aquagrow LED Aquascaping UNIQ FS UniqFS MicroTC 360 Aquarium
English: Light Fish Tank
German: Beleuchtung Fische

Category : Tools

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