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Aquarium Manager

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This app includes advertising in the form of a banner. If you do not want to see this, you can remove them with a payment, so you can even try for free before 7 days. If you do not agree, do not install this app please! Before you give castigatory ratings, you should eliminate any gaps in information to the product via the feedback function. We will gladly help you with your questions.
An aquarium with all its inhabitants require a lot of attention and regular care. However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the one or the other can be neglected very quickly. This will no longer happen with the new Aquarium Manager!The free App ensures that you will always think of everything and, if necessary, put you in the position to plan well in advance. These are some of the features that we have integrated:
- Management of the residents
- Tips and planning of the feeding
- Water values
- Maintenance tasks, such as the cleaning of the tank, changing of the water, pumps and filters
- Diary
- Photo library

In this way, you can be on top of everything and can rest assured that your fishes are in good hands and are thriving magnificently. So that no information is lost, you can save all the data not only locally, but also on an Android backup facility (not available with some manufacturers).

The Aquarium Manager is one of the most comprehensive tools currently available on the market. It is suitable both for hobby aquarists, as well as for all those who cannot take responsibility for their own Aquarium. It is also particularly convenient if you want to go on holiday: Because the care-taking steps unfold at a glance, you can give your aquarium keeper precise instructions for days and weeks while you are physically away!

Although we wasted no effort in the development to anticipate everything and all needs, we always appreciate feedback so that we can become even better. Our goal was to create an individual, comprehensive database to assist you keeping your aquarium optimally, regardless whether you are physically present or absent.

Please note: For an optimal experience a Tablet of at least 7 inches is recommended.

We hope you enjoy our App!

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Reviews (30)

Ama. M. Mar 2, 2020     

Well I was super excited to start using this app, but of course that's not the case, you can only freely save 2 aquariums and after that you have to pay the subscription to continue to use it. It doesn't tell you that you will have to subscribe to use the full app. If they did tell you people wouldn't waist their time downloading it just to uninstall it after cause you can't use the full app. Wished someone made one that was truly free, even if it has ad's better then nothing like now.

Jul. O. M. Oct 11, 2019     

It is missing a fish/plant register. It is so difficult to add your own fish and/or plants without any database help. Update; When saying missing database/fishregister i meant something to open to see fish/plants/invertebrates and then add them to tank. You say u have a database now...but no listing, no photos...no nothing

S. K. Mar 22, 2019     

Seems decent but after adding an aquarium, app locked up and crashed, froze my phone. In tank measurements and capacity, it would have been nice to be able to use decimals, as my aquarium is circular and measurements are a bit odd.

M. M. Dec 13, 2020     

A little hit and miss at the moment. When I change a date and save it, it then reverts back. It also won't let me save any photos aswell. Lots of errors at the moment.

Ter. P. Apr 7, 2021     

Pretty good for tracking quality values. For livestock there's no option to decease a few if you bought them as a group and only a couple die. It would be nice to be able to do reminders too.

Ste. F. Jul 16, 2020     

It was great until I clicked on the app today and all of my tanks and everything was gone. I also wish I was able to organize the coral and fish or at lest have folders to keep them in.

Cai. C. Mar 12, 2019     

only allows you to add two tanks or asks you for a subscription but does not contain a link for the subscription. they have a YouTube to help you with the app but there is nothing on it. they have a Twitter but only posted something in 2014. waste of an app.

chu. m. Apr 18, 2022     

Difficulty entering fish and corals

PJ. Jul 23, 2021     

Doesn't fit my screen making the "next" button merely impossible to use.

Olg. F. Feb 26, 2020     

absolutely superb! really helpful in having healthy fishes

Dom. J. Nov 9, 2020     

Good app....but should add the species and scienticfic name

Nic. J. J. May 18, 2021     

Easy and super helpful

Leo. Feb 10, 2020     

Great app. Very useful to keep my reef tank

Kat. P. Mar 19, 2018     

App will not recognize livestock

rob. d. Jan 29, 2018     

easy to manage multiple aquariums reminders on scheduled timers like water changes every 2 weeks it goes off and I can put in all the fish in each aqarium along with their name what kind of fish all that and even a inventory list

Dar. G. Aug 8, 2017     

Decent app but need cloud syncing function. I changed mobile but I couldn't retrieve my data from the previous one, so I switched to a better app with such function

Sea. L. Jul 22, 2017     

Keeps a nice record of all my results. Used if for a while. I'm still using it.

Bra. K. Jan 30, 2017     

Took forever to open up every time. Always "Updating Database"

Eri. P. Feb 12, 2017     

Could do with adding more tanks but yeah mint to use just forget to keep me tablet charged hahaha

Bra. W. Jul 5, 2015     

Great idea, but I do not want this much detail. I want to be able to add my fish, input the cost and a picture and date of purchase. I don't need to know the physical size of the tank or manufacturer. Give me a great tool to add fish, track maintenance, and research new fish. Maybe give me recommendations based on my current inhabitants, stocking level, and filtration level. Something similar to aqadvisor but with the ability to use it to research. Too much for me.

Wes. B. Jan 17, 2016     

App is good, there is room for improvement with the amount of equipment and livestock available but works overall. Only gave 3 stars due to inability to add more than 2 tanksGyrinocheilus aymonieri without paying high subscription cost, which has made me move to a different app as I don't do subscriptions, would prefer a 1 time fee.

And. F. Sep 10, 2016     

This app constantly pops up ads for stupid apps. They are full screen, video, with sound, AND you can't close them for 5 seconds. EVEN IF THE APP IS ONLY RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND THIS APP WILL BRING UP A FULL SCREEN AD OUT OF NOWHERE. Google should not allow this type of advertisement abuse in apps.

Jef. D. May 6, 2015     

It seems to be missing info on brands and models and requires info that doesn't apply (like days until replace on heaters and air pumps). Having categories for different things that you put in your tanks. It's a bit confusing of an interface and data entry system. It looks like they're working on it.

W. S. May 26, 2015     

Thanks for a great app devs! It works smoothly so far and looks pretty good. Keep the updates coming! Would it be possible to include the volume of water changed as a value in the log? *Update: app works great changing from 4 to 5. I think the app could use a better UI of an overview screen showing a quick snapshot of your tank and important details instead of seeing the control center only showing reminders.

Phi. K. Jun 18, 2015     

Just installed and set up. Seems to be fairly good and easy to use so far. The one thing I do have an issue with is that I can't move it to my SD card. My phone is full, and this might mean I don't have enough space any more. Is it possible to set it so I can move it? I know it's a small app, but if I start adding more fish and photos, it won't be! :)

M. A. May 19, 2015     

This app is ok but not the best. It gets the job done but I have used much better apps. I would have given it 3 stars but I took off 2 because the developers have left rude comments on other 1 star reviews and that is very unprofessional.

A. G. u. Mar 29, 2016     

Great app for beginners and pros. Helps you schedule maintenance and trend water values. I tend to get busy so the task reminder makes sure I don't forget to swap a filter, change water or test values regularly. The ads do get obnoxious but I'll deal for now.

Tom. -. Mar 11, 2016     

This is a really helpful app for keeping track of virtually anything aquarium related. However, this is ruined by intrusive ads. To get rid of these ads, they expect you to pay some insane subscription fees. The app is great but the devs are very greedy! I'll be keeping an eye on this and hopefully they'll eventually come to their senses.

Ste. D. Nov 7, 2016     

Overall this app could be brilliant, but there's an annoying daily pop-up that I'm at a loss to turn it off. Who tests the parameters daily? Many of us who have been keeping fish for a while test the parameters less frequently. There are some nice features that merit a 5 star review, but the reminder ruins it considerably, especially seeing that it takes the focus away from anything running in th foreground. My interest is more to catalogue our tanks, plants and fish with pics and extras. Then there's the cost to upgrade, OMG it's way more than any app is worth, I'd rather get a pen and paper. Thankfully there's other apps to choose.

CMF. May 31, 2016     

So I just downloaded this and plugged in all my info. Paid for a month of no advertising but they are still on the app. Also the app keeps saying sorry no livestock to analyze I added my one fishy in there. I am so confused. Though I think if I keep playing with the app I will figure it out. Also I don't test for all the stuff in the water that it's asking for.... so do I just leave blank? I do love the app