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Aquarium Systems Series 6 LED

This smart App gives you full control of your Aquarium Systems Series 6 LED by using the smart light system. It gives you full control of all 6 channels, so you can now regulate the power and the colour output of this professional LED product.
Once you have downloaded the app, connect with Wifi, you’re ready to start. From the main screen there are several options. Manual, lightening, cloud, timer and auto.
• Manual setting, from here you can control the colours and power in percentage by using the live SPD chart, set your Series 6 to create sunrise to sunset. Once you are happy with your selection you can save it for future use.
• Lightening and cloud coverage selection, here you can set the start and end time of the weather settings, also the set the power and the brightness of the lightening or the effect of the clouds.
• Timer function is where the main feature come to life, you can set all 6 channels up to 1 hour intervals, from 0% - 100%. To help there is also a colour graph that shows the time set.
• Auto setting lets you run the programmed time automatically.
There are pre-set programmes like SPS,LPS, Tropical and Aquascaping once selected the colour and power settings are loaded for you.
This app controls all the Aquarium Systems Series 6 models
• Series 6 – 30cm
• Series 6 – 45cm
• Series 6 – 60cm
• Series 6 – 90cm
• Series 6 – 120cm

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Reviews (1)

Ser. G. Oct 28, 2018     

Brilliant light and good app. Has some connection issues(can connect only after clearing ram) but decent controls otherwise.