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Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Keyboard helps to enjoy each and every taps with music just on your figures. App will help to type your all words in Arabic. Our app having more than 500 Emoji and it is fully free to use in your text message. And yes it is supporting more than 20 languages.
How Keyboard Works?

1) Cute Smiles and Extra icon which makes your text effective

=> Arabic Keyboard having many more smiles, flowers, fruits, cars, bell, text which useful in text.

2) Change language at any time.

=> You can change language English to Arabic or Vice versa from keyboard itself.

=> When you are going to write text by default Arabic keyboard will appear but if you want to write English in middle of text, click on English button and change language within a fraction of time.

How App Works?

1) After installing our lovely app you are free to use and enable keyboard by pressing “Enable Keyboard” & choose Arabic Keyboard.

2) Of Course app need to set the input method as a “English Us Arabic Keyboard” so when open Messaging, WhatsApp, and other app Arabic keyboard will appear.

3) User can set background like image, Selfie on behind of Keyboard, so to use this cool features just put your figures on “Change Background” and perform action as you want.

4) If you become bored by using only one theme then you can be relax now and set different theme as per your wish. Of Course, No need to download just click on the “Themes” and well prepared themes album will appear and you can fun more.

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