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Arabic Teacher

Learn to read and speak Arabic with the interactive 'Arabic Teacher' application. Created with enhanced learning techniques to help anyone get a foothold in the Arabic language. The App helps you familiarize with the language using very natural learning exercises.
By using the Arabic Teacher app, you will be able to:⇒ Fully master the Arabic alphabet and be able to use them in constructing words.⇒ Have a vast vocabulary at your disposal. ⇒ Be able to construct sentences.⇒ Have a conversation with someone in Arabic.

Special features:⇒ Interactive lessons.⇒ Effective vocabulary exercise, making sure new words sick to your mind.⇒ Sentence building exercises.⇒ Alphabet-letter exercise, enabling you to grasp the alphabets easier.⇒ Exam to test your Arabic skills, to let you know your Level.

The app is built to fit all screens, designed to work perfectly in small screens as well as large screens, even tablets. The app does not require internet connection to run, you can use it perfectly offline.

All permissions that are asked for are solely to play the audio in the app.

Download the AD-FREE version of the Arabic Teacher App from the Google Play Store, here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cellfawn.arabicteacher10% OFF

If you have any questions in regards to this app, please feel free to email me here: arabicteacher@cellfawn.com :)

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