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Archery Animal Hunting Master

Enjoy the realistic archery simulation, hunt wild animals like a real master of bow and arrows with Archery Animal Hunting Master!
Participate an unusual hunt – hunt with bow and arrows. Fell as a real archer, aim carefully, shoot without mercy and get killed beast as your trophy! Hunt for prey and predators alike – bears, boars, stags, wolves and even lions – all these forest animals could be your targets! Shoot as fast you can to kill more animals for 90 seconds, but be careful! Angry animals could kill you if you have wounded them! Keep in mind that you’re not invulnerable, shoot without misses and have fun with Archery Animal Hunting Master in 3D!

Have unusual hunting experience with our archery hunting game! Try different missions with different beasts and dangerous animals as your target that you have to hunt. Earn point for the each killed beast to buy a new bow or a crossbow! Feel like a pro hunter or even as a Robin Hood, tense the string and shoot right into the heart of your target!

Just tap the screen to control the angle of shooting and power of shot! Practice your archery hunting skills and become a master of archery hunting!

Archery Animal Hunting Master features:Unusual hunting experienceMany animals to huntDifferent bows and crossbows to shootSimple and intuitive controlsAmazing 3D graphics

Unlock all missions and kill all your target animals as a real master hunter with Archery Animal Hunting Master!

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